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Look Back in Angkor. Wat?

And Kelly and Christy are confident that they'll be able to "do this challenge quickly" as they get off their boat and walk inside. If anything, not knowing what the challenge actually is only seems to add to their confidence. They start shooting hoops before belatedly realizing that maybe they should be looking for a clue box or something. Dan and Andrew, meanwhile, are at Kho Andeth, doing just that by the time Team Divorced is on their way. "We see Dandrew. They're ahead of us now," one of them says from their boat. Christy, if you wanted me to use that nickname for the Frat Boys, you should have come up with it before the fifth leg. And you should have come up with a better one. In fifth place, the Frat Boys opt for Village Work. "You guys just get here?" Andrew mildly asks them as they meet on the stairs to the roof. Once Kelly and Christy get their clue, they confidently say, "Back to where we were!" It's almost like having a head start, only for idiots.

Terence and Sarah are grabbing their teeth, mildly horrified by the dental work going on in the room. Nick and Starr offload their fish, and get their next clue, which Starr reads as "Make your way to Anger Watt."

Phil explains that this would actually be the world-famous Angkor Wat, the international landmark that we are all familiar with from seeing it in the Tomb Raider movie. Phil explains, "Built in the twelfth century for its king as a temple and capitol city, it has since become the symbol of Cambodia." But more importantly, it's the site of the next clue. They'll get there by tuk-tuk, which, as longtime watchers of this show well know, is like a motorcycle-drawn rickshaw. We don't see Starr confirming whether their driver knows where Anger Watt is.

Ken and Tina are on their way shortly afterward. "This is a pretty one," Tina says of their tuk-tuk. Dallas and Toni dump their fish and head out in third. Aja and Ty have finally gotten to the Detour box, and have decided to do Village Work. Which Andrew and Dan are still doing, as Team Divorced finishes up their second visit to the basketball court, then get their dolls. Terence and Sarah finish up Village Life and head to Angkor Wat in fourth. Aja and Ty are sailing to the fishing grounds. She's calling out "Lun, lun!" Which sounds similar, if not identical, to what Sarah was saying to her and Terence's truck driver earlier. Maybe they just picked it up on the plane here. After all, I can think of worse ways to spend the multi-hour flights between legs than asking your seatmates how to say useful things in the local language, like "fast" and "taxi" and "airport" and "has the scary-eyebrow lady been through here yet?"

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