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Look Back in Angkor. Wat?

Dan and Andrew are finally getting their fish on their boat. Team Divorced arrives at the dentist and asks an attendant for a set of teeth. Smiling, he points them to the open-air surgery. "Hers?" Christy asks in naked shock. "Holy crap!" Kelly says, weakly. Fortunately they look past the patient to spot the novelty teeth waiting for them on the table. They snag a pair, relieved that they didn't have to actually orally mutilate a local. "Back to the harbor!"

Aja and Ty are in the water, looking through traps. Despite how this is edited, I have my doubts as to whether they're this close behind; all the other teams kept sighting each other when they were zipping across the lake, but Team Long Distance might as well be in another dimension.

And the Siblings are nearly at Angkor Wat, as Nick excitedly gushes, "Starr, this is, like, a world wonder! There's the clue box!" Heh. As Ken and Tina arrive, Starr and Nick learn that they're facing a Road Block, which Phil describes as "an exploration of the largest religious structure in the world." Specifically, they're going to have to comb the "immense grounds" for a "small, elusive room" called Prassat Kok Troung, or the Chamber of Echoes. Really, it's barely a room, roughly five feet square and open on two sides. In fact, it's more like a deep doorway leading from one of the many halls to one of the many courtyards. And according to Google, it doesn't even exist except on The Amazing Race, at least in the way the captioning spells it. But it's got a high ceiling, and apparently you can stand there and thump your chest to cause an echo, which is what the racer must do. Then he or she can pick up one of the dinner-plate-sized relief carvings lined up along the room's floor and read the clue etched on the back of it. Nick takes this one on account of having a better sense of direction, and also because Starr would be liable to come running out empty-handed, insisting they're at the wrong Angkor Wat. Ken thinks Tina should take this one. "Oh, my heck," she says as she heads toward the imposing structure. Dallas is taking it for her and Toni.

Back at the harbor, Kelly and Christy arrive with their goodies while Dan and Andrew are still trying to figure out how to open their fish trap. "How'd they get back so quick?" Andrew wonders. So just like that, Team Divorce is back in fifth. "Christy and Kelly passed us for the eighty-millionth time on this race," Dan complains as they ride towards Angkor Wat in sixth place. "We keep finishing second-to-last, third-to-last. We'll eventually be last if we keep doing what we're doing." Indeed, the only question is why that hasn't happened yet. Oh, right -- Aja and Ty. We see them get rid of their fish and board the last tuk-tuk to Angkor Wat.

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