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Team Divorced are arriving at that increasingly popular Flight Centre, and learn that the next flight they can take will be leaving at 4:55. Dallas and Toni arrive shortly afterwards and find them still there, meaning they either gained on them on the motorway or it takes Kelly and Christy 45 minutes to buy plane tickets. They sit down across from the agent who isn't helping Kelly and Christy, and Dallas openly asks to get on the same flight as them. Which triggers the coping mechanism that Kelly and Christy have developed. Kelly whispers into Christy's ear, "Doesn't that hair remind you of Teen Wolf?" Ah, no. Teen Wolf's hair was entirely different, in both states. Dallas's hair is more Growing Up Gotti. But Christy looks over, and they share a wink and a chuckle that I'm sure they think is subtle. Dallas doesn't miss it, though, and does an interview in which he says they "irk my nerve... I wonder what they'd look like when they don't paint their faces in the morning." Yes, harping on one another's appearances does indeed make all parties look better. We do see what Team Divorced looks like when they're walking out of the Flight Centre, saying, "It looks like Teen Wolf and Wolf Mother are going to be on the flight." Which indeed they are. But ladies, don't go making fun of Toni for Dallas's hair. That's not cool.

And in seventh and last place, Ty and Aja are leaving the Pit Stop at three-oh-four in the afternoon. Yeeeowch. That is going to be very tough to come back from. I'd even say impossible, but the Frat Boys are still in the race, so we'll see. In an interview, they talk about their relationship. "It's definitely being tested, but this leg we're gong to try to respect each other at all times," Aja "says" in a clip that was obviously cobbled together from several different interviews, in multiple countries, and possibly even a number of women. For his part, Ty tells the camera, "I wouldn't trade her for a Porsche or anything like that." Next to him, Aja's beatific expression dissolves as she asks him, "Porsche?" and shakes her head, grimacing adorably at his dorkiness. Ty just freezes, which is probably his best option at this point.

Nick and Starr are arriving at the airport, while the Frat Boys are still in their car. Dan outlines his strategy to "not be duking it out for last place with Ty and Aja." As with Terence earlier, Dan doesn't seem to grasp the distinction between a strategy and a desire. A plan is not a wish that your heart makes. Ty, in turn, talks about how much he wants to see Dan's face when they catch up to him. Good luck with that, guys. I mean that.

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