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Look Back in Angkor. Wat?

Nick and Starr are getting their tickets (at the Flight Centre, of course) and learning that they're due to arrive in Siem Reap at 7:05 the following morning. They, Team Divorced, and Toni|Dallas all seem to be boarding the flight, even as Andrew and Dan teleport from the carpark to the Flight Centre. The agents don't seem optimistic that they'll be able to make the 4:55 flight. Dan asks if there have been any other Americans through there. "There are a few on this flight," one of the agents allows, which thrills Dan to no end. "You just made my... life." But his mood crashes like Michael Scott on Pretzel Day when the agent gets on the phone and says it's doubtful they can make it. Through Dan's emotional pyrotechnics, Andrew just leans against the counter, calm and steady. Or maybe just exhausted. Or cautious. Or stoned.

Aja and Ty are still en route to Auckland. "Let's make a comeback! So excited! So motivated!" Aja sings from the back seat. And the agent at the Flight Center flatly tells Dan and Andrew, "No, there's no chance getting on tonight's flight," and turns her attention back to her monitor. I'm sure she's just getting right on the project of finding them other options, but I prefer to imagine that she has dismissed them from her awareness. Somebody should be able to, after all.

As if they know what's happening up ahead, Ty is telling Aja, "There's nothing like the great equalizer of plane flights." But can they equalize a nine-hour lead? Because that's a lot of equalizing. White Star Lines would have trouble with that much equalizing. At the airport, Dan and Andrew, to their considerable credit, aren't giving up, and are walking right over to the Emirates Airlines counter to see if they can get on the flight that way. Remarkably, it works, and they're off to board their flight. A muddy Dan modestly interviews that they took advantage of a small window of opportunity (as opposed to the ones they usually watch sailing past), and Andrew readily admits that it was all Dan; he never would have thought of it. So points to Dan for a legitimately good move. Oddly, the other three teams already on the flight don't jump out of their seats to congratulate them when they board. Four more teams are en route to Singapore. Unfortunately, the Amazing Yellow Line must already be there, kicking back in an opium den or something, because it doesn't appear to have showed up for work this week. I'm sure we'll hear all about it in a True Hollywood Story someday.

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