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It's getting on late evening when Aja and Ty finally arrive at the Auckland Airport's Flight Center, which must have been specified in the clue given the way all seven teams seem to be heading straight there. They get tickets, and they're on their way to Singapore behind everyone else. "With this race, anything could be possible," says Ty, keeping hope alive. He's keeping it alive Terry Schiavo-style, but it's technically alive.

The flight carrying Ken|Tina and Terence|Sarah arrives in Singapore in the middle of the night. And wouldn't you know it, so does the flight carrying the teams in third through sixth places. Walking to their departure gate, for their 6:00 a.m. flight, Tina tells her crew about her disappointment. "We're all back together," she sighs. So she climbed into orbit for nothing, as far as the lasting impact on their lead goes. Those six teams are off to Siem Reap, now on the same plane.

And this is apparently before Aja and Ty's flight even lands in Singapore. As they change planes, Aja is asking Ty for a kiss and complaining about how she always has to beg him for affection. In a solo interview, a luminous Aja talks about how much she's crushing on her boyfriend. Aww. They end up walking through the terminal holding hands. They're so cute. And so screwed.

Siem Reap is apparently the home of temples, waving flags, bicyclists with large cargo baskets, another temple, and a flight that deposits the first six teams directly on the tarmac at the airport. Nick and Starr find a taxi first, after confirming that their driver knows where to go. Dallas cackles about having left the Frat Boys standing flummoxed at the taxi stand, but since his and Toni's driver appears set on taking them to a hotel, he should mind his knitting. Kelly and Christy are out in third, all frantic and tense and making me nervous, an entire planet and TV screen away from them, so I can only imagine what kind of stress their driver must be feeling after five seconds of exposure to them. Terence and Sarah are off in fourth, with Ken and Tina in fifth and Dan and Andrew finally getting out of there in sixth place. "Of course we find a way to be the last ones," Dan laments. Of course they do. On the road, Nick and Starr watch Dallas and Toni's cab peel off, because their driver has indeed taken them to the Claremont Hotel. Kelly and Christy arrive at a gas station, but not the gas station; it looks like a modern chain station, but all they find there is a restroom.

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