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Look Back in Angkor. Wat?

Nick and Starr have better luck as their driver takes them to the right place. Instead of the shining oasis of chrome and neon that Team Divorced ended up at, this is a more workmanlike location with a wide dirt lot. There are large blue trucks parked in two rows, and as for the gas pumps, well, more on them in a minute. The Siblings, spotting the clue box from inside their cabs, grab their luggage and run to it. "Choose a truck," Nick reads. As Phil elaborates on the task, we see that each one of the trucks is standing next to a 55-gallon drum with a hand-cranked pump and rubber hose attached to it. They'll need to use the pump to put 25 liters of diesel fuel into their truck's tank to get their next clue. As Phil explains, this is the fueling method most commonly used in this part of Cambodia. I do hope the extra work is reflected in the gas prices, because paying four bucks a gallon (or whatever it was at this time in this part of the world) is bad enough without blowing out your rotator cuff on top of it. Nick and Starr quickly read their instructions and get to work. The pump features a five-liter (allegedly -- it looks more like the size of a two-liter soda bottle to me, frankly) glass measuring reservoir on top of it that fills up as you crank the handle, and then you open the valve on the hose to let the fuel flow into the truck by gravity. Nick and Starr quickly get their first of what will be five measures into their truck's tank. Pump and fill, baby. And as Kelly and Christy arrive at another wrong destination, Starr and Nick succeed in filling their tank and get their clue before any other teams have even arrived. They learn that they have to hop into the straw-filled bed of the truck they just gassed up so that the driver can take them to Siem Reap Harbor on Tonle Sap, the largest lake in Southeast Asia. Then they'll board a longboat to Kho Andeth, a floating restaurant in the middle of the lake that holds their next clue. And the Siblings are off, just as Nick glances back to see another team arriving. Fortunately, he seems oblivious to the lengths the show has gone to in order to make him take a literal roll in some literal hay with his literal sister.

The newly arriving team is Toni and Dallas, who get right to it. Terence and Sarah arrive third, with Ken|Tina and the Frat Boys right behind them. All the teams get to work, and are quickly rewarded with a satisfying flow of petrol into their reservoirs. Except of course Andrew, who is cranking and getting nothing. "There's gotta be a trick to this," he mutters. Dan looks around and sees that everyone else is doing fine, but Andrew insists, "It's gotta be something else." Dan moans in frustration. Even through the smoked visor of his helmet, the waiting driver of their truck seems unimpressed.

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