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Take Two

Jet and Cord find the Road Block clue box, still in last place. Jet's doing this one, not that their skill sets aren't pretty much interchangeable.

Kent is watching Vyxsin flail, and Ron is watching his daughter and saying, "You can't put me in there with those monsters." So by all means, dump his child in there instead. Mel's down as well, as Mike says, "I don't know if my heart can take this." I'm more worried about Mel's heart. Jet, who has shed his cowboy hat for the task, tells us, "I'm from Oklahoma, I don't do water. I don't even take baths." That's a pretty good deadpan delivery...I hope.

Gary and Mallory have found the sailing club. They go in the front entrance, all the way through, and out to the docks in back, finding the white-uniformed commodore out there waiting for them. "I am between the devil and the deep blue sea," Mallory says to him, and he hands over their clue, officially putting them in first place. Not bad for a team that left the starting line in second-to-last place. After they open their clue, Phil tells us that they'll have to help sail a 16-foot skiff across Manly Bay. "Upon the firing of the seaman's gun," Phil says (over a shot of a seaman shooting an actual rifle from a boat so you don't start snickering), they'll sail along the course and up to one of three large, inflatable buoys bobbing out there with clues attached to them. And everyone has to change back into wetsuits. Once they're in their gear and down at the beach, the crew runs Gary and Mallory through a quick practice and helps get them set up in that trapezes that swing from the masts, bracing their feet on the gunwales so they can hang out over the side of the boat while they're sailing. They're soon underway, with Mallory wailing, "Please don't flip, we're going so fast!" Oh, these are professionals, I'm sure none of them are going to flip.

Back at the flags, Zev and Justin have just arrived. Amanda offers to "work together" with Kisha, even though she's almost done herself. They wrap it up together as Luke and Margie show up as well, and both teams take off together. The Globetrotters have a little trouble finding the flags, but get there eventually, before anyone else shows up. Team Go Team gets there, and Cara partners with Margie. "Just like old times," Jaime interviews. Indeed.

Kisha and then Amanda get their clues from the commodore, and there's one rule about the sailing task that we didn't hear before: "You may not swim to the clue." I guess that means if they miss it from the boat, they don't get to jump out and go after it. But of course to Jen, that's good news.

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