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Out in the bay, Gary snags a clue off the buoy on the first try. The crew brings them around. Kris also succeeds on the first attempt. "This race is so much better than the last time," Amanda tells him. 'This is frickin' awesome," Kris agrees. Let's just hope they last more than three legs this time. Jen also gets a clue.

Back in the tank, Christina, Mel, Jet, and Vyxsin find compasses nestled in the rocks at the bottom. Topside, Gary and Mallory are returning to shore, where a flagman is waiting, and happily splash their hands in the water as it zooms by underneath them. Stop slowing yourselves down, you two! Amanda and Kris are narrowing the gap, but soon Mallory opens the clue sending them to the Pit Stop. Phil says that would be Shelly Beach, which is a place and not a person. Phil, wearing an outback hat with a brim the size of a satellite dish, reminds us that the first team to check in will win the Express Pass, "giving them an advantage over everyone else in the race." But what about the last team, Phil? What about the last team?

"Warning, the last team to check in may be eliminated:" Mallory reads from the clue, answering my question. She and her dad, as well as Amanda/Kris and Kisha/Jen, are soon on their way.

Back in the tank, Vyxsin can't seem to find her way back to the exit. She narrates that she couldn't relax enough to actually make herself breathe, and we see a dive guide helping her. She compares it to being buried alive. But wouldn't a Goth dig that?

Back from the ads, Vyxsin explains that she realized she needed to get her mind off it by thinking about something more important, and the sudden loss of Kent's dad this past spring seems to fit the bill. As she's telling us in a post-leg interview about how she found the strength to "do it for dad," even Kent sitting next to her is looking like, "What?" At least that probably explains why he's back to "Kent" now. Sure enough, Vyxsin finds the exit and climbs out. But it looks like her drawn-on eyebrows weren't so lucky; they're still down there somewhere. Maybe she'll get to go back for them after the end of the leg.

Gary/Mallory and Amanda/Kris are wandering around on foot in search of Shelly Beach. Somehow they seem to be approaching it from different directions through a residential neighborhood. It's not a very big patch of sand, but there's Phil and his hat, and a surfer dude in trunks. What, did the guy in 17th-century regalia have a storytime to get to or something? Both teams are running for it, but the first to arrive are...Gary and Mallory. The greeter welcomes them in first place. Phil hands over the Express Pass while Mallory, predictably, freaks out. "But you guys are still racing," Phil informs them, and hands them their next clue. He tells them to read it right there and get going. "No rest," he adds. "You're still going." Mallory is having trouble taking this in. "Mallory, this is no time to dilly-dally!" Phil tells her. She gathers up her stuff, babbling about their second chance until Phil finally says, "Stop talking and go!" I think he'd actually be okay with either one of those options. They run back across the beach and out of the episode.

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