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Amanda and Kris arrive in second place and get their next clue, and a reminder that they still have that U-Turn ahead of them, meaning they'll have to do both sides of the next Detour. You know, if the show ever gets to it. Kisha and Jen arrive in third place and get their next clue as well. Their reaction to the news that the leg is not over is much more calm than it was last time.

Justin recites the phrase to the commodore, so he and Zev are now in fourth place. They take off, and the Team Go Team/Team ASL axis takes their place on the dock. "I am the devil," Margie reads from her notes, unwittingly agreeing with a large number of viewers, "and the deep blue sea. " Cara says the same thing, and they're both told "it's not quite right." They stand there flummoxed. Oh, come on. How hard is this, when you're that close to it? Nobody's ever heard this expression before? Well, obviously Luke hasn't, but don't these people read? Anyone? They'd all totally eat it if they were on Wheel of Fortune.

The Globetrotters are also on their way to the dock, even though they haven't finished the puzzle, because they didn't want to fall behind. Not a good strategy, that, because what do they think will happen when they show up with the job unfinished? Fortunately for them it pays off anyway, because they encounter Team Asperger's while the latter team is on their way to the skiffs on the beach. When they ask them what the phrase was, Justin hollers it out to them. "I owe you one!" Big Easy says. "Yeah, you do!" Justin agrees as he races after Zev. Justin explains after the fact, "They're our boys. We ran with them in the last race and they're good guys. We helped them out, and now they owe us." That's a good point, and I have to admit that getting eliminated for giving up in a challenge is worse than getting eliminated because you're constantly having to scan the ground in front of you for dropped passports. The Globetrotters arrive on the dock, while the other four re-racers who just blew the clue are still standing around wondering what to do next and have just hit on the solution: eavesdrop. The Globetrotters thwart that by whispering it to the commodore. They get their clue in fifth place, so the other teams finally realize that maybe they should be going back now for another look at the flags. But on their way back, Margie stops by the beach to ask for help, and Justin says they already helped someone. Cara also asks him, but Justin, getting suited up, isn't playing that with the hot redheads, either. "I'm not helping everybody." Justin interviews that they seemed surprised not to get his help. "We don't know them, really, from a hole in the wall, so it was pretty easy to say no at that point." We next see them out on the boat, and Zev claims, "I go sailing every Thursday morning at six o'clock." Well, he did say last time that he likes his routine, but I'm pretty sure he's joking. The Globetrotters, who are physically the largest team in this race, are having trouble keeping their boat straight and level, until they translate their balance skills from the basketball court. Zev and Justin both get a clue off the buoy as they zip by, and Big Easy grabs one as his crew pretty much sails him into it. Rebound!

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