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Ron and Christina, another team I haven't seen race before because they were on TAR12, were "baffled on their way to the Finish Line in Alaska, "according to Phil. She admits that she "stumbled at the Road Block, "and adds that just like last time, they're hoping to be the first parent-child team to win the race. I guess someone has to be the first, right? Wait, no they don't. Even the Family Edition didn't have a parent winner. Yeah, sorry to bring that up.

Finally, here are Jaime and Cara, the former NFL cheerleaders I once knew as Team Go Team. We see a flashback to how their cabdriver got them lost on the way to that same final task that wrecked Luke in Hawaii at the end of TAR14, and then present-day Jaime says, "People either loved us and our style of racing, or they hated us." No, Jaime, they hated you. Nobody hated Cara, and if they did, it was because they couldn't tell you two apart yet and they thought she was you. Although I'm happy to say I still know which is which and will not have to spend another half-season typing the phrase "one of the cheerleaders" or waiting for one of them to say something bitchy. She adds, "Do I think when Phil says go that I'm going to be able to rein myself in? I don't think so. If I'm going to do something I'm gonna do it." Of course she is.

So there are your teams, almost half of whom were from TAR14. I'd bitch about that, but since that was both my favorite season and my favorite crop of racers, that seems ungrateful. In terms of previous rankings, we've got three second-place teams, a third-place team (meaning four teams who have made it to the finish line), two fourths, a fifth, two sixths, and eighth, and a ninth. And after spending all that time on research and links to past recaps, I need a fifth myself.

As the teams line up in the valley, Phil asks us who will make the most of this "ultimate second chance" and win the Amazing Race. Why does he always ask me these questions? I don't have an answer for you, Phil. He walks down to meet and greet them, and tells them they'll be racing around the world "again." He reminds them, "The last time you raced, some of you came within inches of victory, but there's not a winner among any of you. " Harsh much, Phil? He again drops the phrase "unfinished business" and asks if they're ready to race around the world one more time. Sounds like they are, which is good. I guess the ones who weren't ready are still at home.

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