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Anyway, the re-racers scamper across the scrub in a big mob, repeating Phil's phrase to themselves with varying degrees of accuracy. Amanda and Kris are the first to return to Phil with a plane, but theirs is marked "Queen Express" so they have to go back. Ron and Christina try "Pan Am," even though Christina already knew it's Qantas. Other teams are finding Qantas, and Mel and Mike are the first team to get seats on the first flight. I hope that's not the last time they're in first place. Zev and Justin are right behind them, closely followed by Jet and Cord. Phil, now mobbed by re-racers, stats tossing incorrect planes to the winds. Sure, it's littering, but this is the second-windiest place on earth, meaning they'll end up someplace less windy. The Whites get to the cars and open their first clue, telling them to fly to Sydney, Australia. Right behind them are Zev and Justin, followed by the Cowboys, and Cord calls this a "once-in a-lifetime opportunity -- again!" "Saddle up, partner!" Jet says. The credits can't ignore a cue like that. Do those guys really talk like that to each other when the cameras aren't on?

After the titles, Christina is still loudly insisting to Ron that they're looking for Qantas. Keep it up, Chris, I don't think the other teams heard you. They're among several teams who find one shortly thereafter, but Kent and Vyxsin are actually the next to get their clue, landing them the fourth spot on the first flight. Christina and Ron get the fifth, followed by the Globetrotters. Margie and Luke get the seventh spot, and Jaime and Cara are right behind them. That leaves three teams still flailing on the field, and Team Go Team is already in their car. "The redheads are back," Jaime says from the driver's seat, although they've helpfully gotten slightly different hair colors this time around (Cara's is a bit darker). Kisha and Jen get a Qantas plane, and get the first seats on the second flight out. That leaves it down to Gary/Mallory and Amanda/Kris. "Babe, are we just trying random ones?:" Amanda asks Kris. "Yeah, we are," he says, like, what else would they be doing? Not a good sign, that. I'm happy to root for them, but they've got to help me out. Jen and Kisha, in their car, are happy just not to be last. Amanda and Kris think they're screwed, and Mallory appeals to Saint Anthony. Jesus is like, "Oh, good, I'm happy to delegate this one."

After the ads, Amanda and Kris belatedly figure out (or simply overhear) that they're looking for Qantas, as does Mallory. Now it's just a matter of finding one and beating the other team to Phil, and that's a race Gary and Mallory win. After they get their clue, Amanda and Kris get theirs, and Phil reminds them they've got a penalty coming. "U-Turned again, Kris!" Amanda groans in the car. They do seem to have become U-Turn magnets. Kris says it's their own fault. "We didn't think that through very clearly," he says. Or indeed at all. But owning it and taking responsibility is a step in the right direction. See? Happy to root for them.

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