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Mallory is the first to climb into the water via a behind-the-scenes access platform, and Gary tells us that the fear of sharks will be her biggest challenge on this one. Yes. I would think so. That, and not being able to squeal. She goes under and begins her search among the various sea creatures. Mallory narrates after the fact that she thought everything she bumped into was a shark, when in fact it was probably only ten percent or so. Down in the tunnel that the visitors walk through, Gary looks at the fish swimming over him and points to one monster shark, remarking, "She's worried about the stingrays -- I don't think she's seen that one yet."

Kisha's also in the tank, with Jen trying to encourage her as much as she can through inches of curved glass and several feet of water. "I'm really afraid of water, and sharks," Kisha interviews after the fact. Jen tells us she's freaked out just from being in the observation tube, just as that giant stingray drifts over her head. Damn, that thing is huge. Jen must feel like the spaceship at the beginning of Star Wars when she's under that leviathan. "Duck," she says under her breath. Amanda is also in the tank now, saying she tuned out the sharks: "I just got in Amazing Race mode and started just scanning everything for that compass." And then her head was bitten off. No, not really.

The second group of teams has arrived at the ferry terminal, and just to refresh, that group consists of the Goths, the Globetrotters, Team ASL, Team Go Team, and Team Asperger's. "We're on our way to Manly," Kent says as they sail past the Opera House. "Where he'll fit right in," Vyxsin says, indicating the pipe-cleaner arm that Kent is flexing for us. Jaime is theatrically happy about this moment that she wouldn't trade for anything. "Except maybe an Express Pass," she laughs. Heaven forbid we'd think she'd lost her edge there, even for a second.

Mallory finds the compass first, so now she has more attention to pay to the sharks. As Gary watches, her eyes bug out so far they're in danger of breaking the seal on her diving mask. Kisha and Amanda keep searching, but Amanda's the next to find a compass.

The last group of three teams -- which is completely different from the initial last group of three teams that this leg started with -- gets off the train at the ferry terminal and spreads out. "I'm gettin' sick of people following me around already," Jet complains. The Whites and Ron/Christina go straight to the ticket kiosk to secure passage while the Cowboys get directions. A local tells them they need to take a ferry to Oceanside. Ron and Christina are the first on the boat (Ron waving Mel in, in the first sign of a possible dad-alliance), but the Cowboys are still wandering around when the ferry sails. So they literally missed the boat, and are officially in last place. The good news is that at least nobody's following them any more.

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