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Joseph does find a clue in the tunnel with the boat, so the attempt at misdirection doesn't help Eric and Jeremy too much. Tyler is still searching for the tunnels.

Yolanda finds her flashlight and puts in the batteries. She looks for the tunnel. Fran does the same. She tells Barry outside that she can't find the tunnel, and he tells her to "be methodical." Man, there's some specific and helpful advice. It's worth about as much as "Do it in the best and most efficient way possible!" Or, to make it shorter, "Hurry!"

Locals do not help Eric and Jeremy find the sailing club. They're starting to fret over the fact that MoJo will be traveling by cab, while they will be hoofing it and still don't know exactly where they're going. Speaking of whom, MoJo rips the clue and leaves for the sailing club. Eric and Jeremy run through the streets, and they really are beginning to think they maybe should have gotten a taxi. Eric and Jeremy run. MoJo drives. And then we are at the sailing club, and the teams are actually in sight of each other. Now, everyone is running. "Jeremy start running!" Eric hollers. Phil is waiting at the mat. Mat. Teams. Mat. Teams. And, first to the mat...Eric and Jeremy, with Monica and Joseph only a few yards behind them. Phil checks in the two teams, and then he brings Eric and Jeremy back to receive their trip for two to Hong Kong. And they'll get spa treatments! Well, they'll both look adorable in mud wraps, I'm sure. Fortunately, MoJo, who are initially pissed off and clearly frosted at barely losing out, seem relatively good-natured once it's all said and done.

Tyler and Yolanda work together a little in finding the tunnels. Tyler yells "T-Tow!" again. And then, they're both boating. She compares it to Pirates of the Caribbean. Heh. Fran goes down into the tunnels at last also. Tyler is the first of the boaters to find the clue, and he emerges and meets up with BJ, who says "T-Tow." Now, it's just Barry and Yolanda waiting. And there's Yolanda, finding her clue and shouting, "I'm a bad-ass bitch!" Heh. Fran ultimately gets hers, too, but Ray and Yolanda grab a taxi and leave ahead of Fran and Barry. Fran is not quite enough of a bad-ass bitch, it seems. "We're last," Fran complains as they leave. I have this weird sense of déjà vu, like I've heard that before.

BJ and Tyler run to the mat. Welcome, you are team number three, and you have survived your mugging, as everyone always does. Most pointless twist ever.

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