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Ray and Yolanda fear that their driver doesn't know where he's going. I have the same fear. This just seems like one of those situations where Ray and Yolanda always manage to bleed a crucial ten minutes out of nowhere and wind up by the side of the road doing something really dopey like asking a statue for directions. Fran and Barry hit a red light, and seem to blame their driver. Ray and Yolanda wind up at the wrong part of the sailing club. Ack! Ask the statue! Ask the statue! Fran and Barry get out and run. Ray and Yolanda run. Mat! Phil! Aaaand...Ray and Yolanda! Whew. Welcome, you are team number four. "Nothing wrong with that!" Yolanda says happily. Phil asks them if they love each other again, and...well, at least she says yes. He looks a little bit like he needs to think about the love, but will probably come around.

And here come Fran and Barry. She insists she's not going to cry, but she does anyway, which I don't blame her for. Phil tells them they're last, and they're eliminated. They smooch and hug. Phil talks about how proud Barry must be of Fran, and Barry chokes up talking about how proud of her he is. As Miss Alli's Mom pointed out at this juncture, it's kind of irritating how they're always asking men whether they're proud of their wives, like they've adopted their wives in some kind of adventure mentoring program. Barry tells us in an interview that Fran still doesn't know how special and awesome she is. You know what she does know? That they're last, and they'll probably be eliminated. …No, no. They're really quite appealing in this sequence, but I'm happy they're done, because they just were too tense, and there are only so many lamentations of certain doom that I can listen to, and by "so many," I mean, "like, one."

Executive Producer: Jerry Bruckheimer.

Next week: More MoJo/Hippie tension. What fun.

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