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As Fran and Barry head out of town, they run into a traffic jam, so they pull into a gas station to find out what the story is. The guy tells them that it's possible that the King is coming through. Oh, I hate that. Whenever the president of Senegog comes around, it totally ruins my day. They ask about a "back way" to the airport, but the gas-station guy breaks the news that there's no way to the airport except through this particular mess of traffic. Fran and Barry conclude that there's apparently nothing to do but wait.

MoJo encounters the same traffic, and they also conclude that there's nothing they can do about it. So far, this episode is not a barn-burner, you know?

6:26 PM. Ray and Yolanda. Yolanda interviews that after doing really well and not arguing, they just went crazy in the last leg and haven't been communicating well at all. She also says that they left money for BJ and Tyler. Boo! Ray thinks that MoJo left something, but that it was "just paper." Yolanda chalks this up to MoJo's personalities: "They front as being nice people, but they're not nice at all." Hmm. I wonder where that impression came from. I don't recall seeing any nonsense between these teams, so perhaps it's just a general observation. It's interesting, in any event.

6:47 PM. Here go Eric and Jeremy. As they go, they leave BJ and Tyler a $100 IOU. Hee. "They're hippies," Jeremy says. "They'll find out how to make gas from trees out here or something." Hey, every once in a while, even a blind pig finds a truffle. Eric says that giving money to other teams is "dumb." He'd know, after all. Jeremy says that to him, it's like you're not even competing if you're giving away money just to advance other people's position in the race. Which is very true. I don't know why you would give people money, any more than you would slow down to let them catch up to you. In an interview, however, Eric ruins their brief moment of right-ness by saying that the competition is "like trying to get in a girl's pants, you know? Lie, cheat, know, whatever you can." I don't even want to know what the "steal" refers to.

Up ahead, Fran thinks that the King has now passed, and indeed, it seems like the traffic is finally loosening. Joseph and Monica lament the time that's been lost. Ray and Yolanda are hoping everyone ran into this mess just like they did. Eric and Jeremy observe fireworks, but they are fretting over the traffic as well. It makes them think perhaps BJ and Tyler will miss a flight, and wouldn't that be grand? Maybe the King will return with a flat tire.

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