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Eric and Jeremy's taxi flies by MoJo, in spite of MoJo's efforts to keep it from happening. Eric and Jeremy comment on how mad Joseph looked -- they seem to find his growing fury more amusing than particularly threatening. For her part, Monica snots that after Eric and Jeremy went by, there was a distinct foul odor. Oh, so this is what they all mean by getting "competitive." Yolanda, on the other hand, thinks that she and Ray need to concentrate on "internal business." So they're thinking maybe on this leg, there should be less distracting fighting. In their cab, BJ and Tyler note that they have more than $300. Now, of course, if the borrowing from other teams was premised on those teams' "niceness," then the obligation would be obvious to pay them back, right? I mean, if you have more than enough, then you pay back people who gave you money -- there's at least as much of a "niceness" obligation to do that as there ever could be to give money to you, right? Right? So you paid them back, right? I sure hope so. I'd hate to think they were total hypocrites.

Red light, green light, Fran light, Barry light. Traffic, traffic, traffic.

Eric and Jeremy are the first to get to the clue box at the war memorial. When they pull the clue, Phil explains that they have to go to Fremantle and find a Ferry to Rottnest Island, which is apparently a "vacation spot." That always strikes me as vaguely suspicious, when they can't find anything to say about a place except that people vacation there. It's like sending a U.S.-only race to the Wisconsin Dells. Eric and Jeremy's taxi driver tells them that the taxi ride will probably be 45 minutes to an hour to Fremantle, so they leave. MoJo gets the clue next, and they take their taxi as well. Ray and Yolanda's driver, on the other hand, tells them that the ride will be about an hour and a half. I guess he doesn't want to go, huh? Yolanda comments that they don't have enough money for that long of a taxi ride, which is why you don't give away money to other teams, eeee-yikes. BJ and Tyler pull the clue and get back in their cab, who tells them that it will take 30 or 40 minutes unless they charter a bus. Apparently, he drives a bit more quickly than Ray and Yolanda's driver does. Yolanda, elsewhere, explains that their awesome driver has explained how to take a bus from Perth to the Fremantle ferry station.

Fran and Barry get the clue. They are aware of being behind, and they just hope to get on the same ferry as everyone else. I really should have made a macro at some point for "Fran and Barry worry about being behind."

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