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For whatever it's Perth

Eric and Jeremy arrive at the ferry station, closely followed by MoJo. There's no ferry until 7:30 in the morning, so they all start looking for a hotel. They're told that there's a "backpacker hotel" nearby. Well, they do have backpacks. They'll fit right in! Fran and Barry arrive next, having taken their taxi and slipped ahead of the bus-takers. They're not last! What will they talk about? Oh, wait. You'll find out in a minute, and you'll kind of miss the times when they were last.

At the Perth bus station, Ray and Yolanda and BJ and Tyler get on the bus.

Backpacker hotel. Fran is sort of shocked to find that there are other people in their room with them. "This race has ruined our sex life, I'll tell you that," Barry says. And...props to them for being proud of their active sex life, but I don't think I'd need to hear that coming from anybody, so much. After all, I haven't enjoyed it the 4000 or so times that Eric and Jeremy have said something similar. BJ and Tyler and Ray and Yolanda get to the ferry station, find out the times, and also head for a hotel.

7:30 AM. All teams get on the ferry to Rottnest Island. (Motto: "We're Back, And We're Rottner Than Ever.") This is a 13-mile trip, it turns out, and when it's over, they'll pick up a tandem bike from a bike shop and ride to a nearby lighthouse. We see the ferry arrive, and all the teams run for the bike shop. First to get moving? Eric and Jeremy, as usual. Then MoJo, then BJ and Tyler, then Fran and Barry, then Ray and Yolanda. Out in the lead, Eric and Jeremy note that some of these hills are sort of difficult. MoJo notes the same thing. "My thighs are killing me," Joseph says. Tyler tells BJ to "push hard," and BJ sounds like he's about to crack Tyler's skull when he says, "I am pushing." I kind of feel like BJ knows how they're acting more than Tyler does, and I cannot for the life of me figure out which of them I think that reflects more poorly upon. Fran and Barry, on the other hand, could do this all day, as they apparently do distance biking themselves. Good for them. Good for your sex life, I hear! Barry interviews that they're fitter than they were 20 years ago. (See?) Ray and Yolanda stop to switch so that he's in front.

Eric and Jeremy get to the clue box, and it's a Detour. The choices are Sand and Sea. In Sand, you choose a pile of 40 big branches. You drag them 126 yards to stack them in another pile. This has something to do with preventing beach erosion, and when they're done, they'll get their clue. In Sea, you have to dive and search through 50 crayfish traps for the ones that contain live crayfish. Each person on the team has to find a trap and take a crayfish out, and then when they turn the crayfish in, they'll get the clue. This Detour is not approved by the Crayfish Association Of Australia. Both Detours will start with a bike ride to a beach called Salmon Bay. Eric and Jeremy think that they'll take the Sea, and a newly arrived MoJo is similarly inclined.

BJ and Tyler arrive at the Detour clue, and they exchange some muttering under their respective breath -- MoJo hates the hippies, Tyler vows that MoJo is in trouble when the Yield comes, MoJo thinks the hippies just "follow" reflects well on no one. You know the drill. BJ and Tyler want to do Sand. They greet Fran and Barry, who are just arriving. Fran and Barry decide to do Sand, since Fran says she can't dive. It's probably another thing she's afraid of, along with bungee jumping. Ray and Yolanda come in behind them, and she comments, "Frankenbarry dusted us. They may look old, but they're gooood." I despise most of those mashed-together names, but I understand the sentiment. They read the clue and chose Sand.

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