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Now, Eric and Jeremy and BJ and Tyler arrive at Salmon Bay. Eric and Jeremy have to start by getting into their swimsuits. BJ and Tyler choose a stack of branches and start dragging. Elsewhere, MoJo is a little lost, and Monica keeps trying to get Joseph to stop so she can look at the map. He snaps at her, but they do stop, and when they look at the map...what do you know? They were going the wrong way. "Sorry," he mutters. "That's why I want you to pay attention," she repeats. "I AM PAYING ATTENTION I'M DRINKING WATER I CAN'T STOP," he says, and she asks him not to "freak out." Ha! She should talk, good grief. Not that I'm particularly sure what drinking water has to do with paying attention to where they're going.

Eric and Jeremy get ready for the Detour. "We are in our, uh, Amazing Speedos," Jeremy observes. Well...on the one hand, I don't approve of noting your own Speedo, but on the other hand, I do appreciate the use of "Amazing" as a random modifier during race situations. That is one of the many things that would make me an annoying contestant on a purely superficial level. I would do that all the time. "Uh, the Amazing Travel Agent just told us that our Amazing Flight is Amazingly Delayed." I would not be able to help myself. And then I would have to write a recap in which I told myself to "amazingly shut up." Things just get so meta. At any rate, Jeremy also has to mention how they'd be hooking up with chicks if only there were some, blah blah blah. They charge into the water with some kind of comment about "wait for the shrivelage." "Shrivelage"? Do they not know the iconic vocabulary, or are they trying to strike out on their own? I do not know the answer. They begin to dive down and peek in crayfish traps.

Fran and Barry, pedaling. They park at Salmon Bay. BJ and Tyler are already dragging as Fran and Barry join in. She immediately starts to complain about how hard it is. There's a surprise.

Eric dives down and gets a crayfish. Two more "T-Tow!" occurrences as BJ and Tyler drag branches. Jeremy gets a crayfish. The boys, they are done. They go and turn in their crayfish to the friendly attendant, and he gives them their clue. MoJo arrives just as the guys are getting ready to leave.

Eric and Jeremy open their clue, which says to get back to the mainland and make your way to Fremantle Prison. As Phil explains, it was built by convicts, which is nicely circular, I suppose ("My ant farm was built by ants!") and it was shut down in 1991. Under the prison, there are tunnels that were used to supply water. At the prison, teams will get a clue.

MoJo starts to get into bathing suits. BJ and Tyler, still dragging. Fran and Barry, still dragging. As Eric and Jeremy leave on their bike, they puzzle over why BJ and Tyler chose the "manual labor" task when they "went to Harvard and Stanford." I do know a few people who have attended prestigious colleges who have the ability to do yardwork, so I'm not sure this is so shocking. MoJo emerges in their suits. We are subjected to "T-Tow" number three, as BJ and Tyler finish up and leave. They remind us again that they don't like MoJo. Joseph grabs a crayfish, but Monica is under the impression that they only need one, so they head in. Uh-oh. Ray and Yolanda arrive, and they're aware that they need to keep going.

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