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Eric and Jeremy arrive at the Fremantle port. Then BJ and Tyler get to the Hillarys port. It appears that Eric and Jeremy are going to walk to the prison, while BJ and Tyler are (obviously) getting a cab from Hillarys to Fremantle. On the second ferry to Fremantle, Joseph borrows a cell phone and does just what Fran and Barry did -- he arranges for a taxi to meet them when they get off the boat. He gives his name.

Eric and Jeremy get directions to the prison, and they're there in no time. And they seriously need to stop saying "Crikey," because it is horribly lame. Right up there with "pizza pie," although at least they're not doing it in the faces of the locals. When they find the clue box at the prison, they rip the clue, which Phil tells us is a Roadblock, with the teaser, "Who's ready for a great escape?" Phil says that in this Roadblock, the person goes into the prison and searches for one of several cells in Division 4 that have Duracell batteries and a flashlight. (And you should enjoy the batteries and flashlight, because you will be getting a beauty shot of them every single time a contestant enters a cell to retrieve them.) With the flashlight in hand, they'll look around the grounds for a door that leads into the underground tunnel system. Then, they'll search wet or dry tunnels for a clue.

After running around aimlessly and having to be told by Brainiac Eric to go inside the prison, Jeremy goes inside the prison, where he finds Division 4, and it doesn't take him too long to find a room with a flashlight in it. Now, he needs to find the tunnel system. "That's an outhouse," he says after opening a door to one outbuilding. So this search is not off to the best possible start, as you can see.

BJ and Tyler are finding that the taxi ride from Hillarys to Fremantle is just not what they were told it would be, and it's not going all that well. Traffic and whatnot. Back on the ferry, MoJo and Fran and Barry discuss the fact that they both have taxis waiting. Barry talks about how he gave his name (which Joseph did, too, of course), and Joseph tells Barry that, straight up, he's going to hop into the first cab he can find, and if it's the wrong one, it's the wrong one. In other words, "I will steal your taxi as soon as look at you, old man, so you'd better run." When the ferry arrives and the teams scramble off, Barry and Fran are running around saying, "Taxi? Taxi for Fran and Barry?" But there is no response. The one taxi that is there has a driver in it who clearly says, "Joseph." So that is the MoJo cab, and MoJo jumps into it. Fran and Barry approach anyway to inquire (can't blame them, since Joseph already said he wanted to steal their cab), but the guy repeats, "Joseph." "He said our name," Monica says as they ride off, "so they can't say we stole their cab." Indeed, it appears that Fran and Barry's cab did not show, which stinks, to be sure. They had the right idea, but it didn't apparently pay off. Ray and Yolanda, meanwhile, decide to scrap the entire taxi thing and just walk to the prison as Eric and Jeremy did. Fran and Barry are unable to quickly find a cab. "Went from good to bad to worse," Barry grumps. "We're last right now," Fran says. They seem not to realize that they can just walk to the prison -- I'm sure it's a bit of a hike, but if they bike that hard, I'm sure they can swing it. I wonder if it would have been faster.

Back from more commercials, we join Fran and Barry, still hunting for taxis. They finally flag down a bus, and it tells them that it will take them to the prison. Meanwhile, Jeremy cannot find the entrance into the prison at all, and he's getting very frustrated. They're also surprised that there aren't other teams there yet, although presumably, it's the "relieved" kind of surprised. Joseph takes the Roadblock, and Monica and Eric chat about how long the boys have been there already. BJ and Tyler come next, unhappy that MoJo passed them on the way there by waiting around for the Fremantle ferry. Yeah, those mischievous locals will lead you astray every time. Tyler takes the Roadblock for his team.

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