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Taxiing Their Patience

Kelly and Christy get their boat in the water, but all is not well, because Christy realizes, "We didn't get our unmarked container." Yes, that would be the unmarked container that Bill and Mark are currently searching for. With the benefit of hindsight, they interview that they were confused by "a note that pertained to the other Detour that we didn't choose." But they don't know that on the beach, so they start wondering where the hell their container is supposed to be. Maybe it's so unmarked it's invisible.

Not far away, Mark and Bill aren't having that problem at all. They find their container, open it up, and find their clue. And next week, somebody in Hamburg is going to find the other nine clues and be like, Was ist das?

Terence is still leading Sarah on a wild goose chase, having spotted a village straight ahead. "I'm following you," Sarah reports. "Nobody's behind us. That's either good news or bad news." Well, which has it been so far? And do you guys really think that the Race is going to literally send you on foot to the next town to catch a taxi? That would be Amazing in a whole new way.

Mark and Bill end up being the first to get a taxi, putting them in the lead. Nick and Starr hop into theirs and secure second place, while Terence and Sarah are now looking around their quaint little village for "Un taxi."

Believe it or not, that isn't even the dumbest thing happening right now, because Kelly and Christy have discovered a tiny little Amazing Flag sticking out of the sand at their feet and start digging in that spot for the container they still think they need. I really hope they're visualizing a little Tupperware box or something and not the boxcar-sized thing Mark and Bill found. Meanwhile, Toni and Dallas have sailed their boat, as have Ken and Tina. Seeing them leave, Kelly and Christy are wondering if the other teams are just giving up on their container. And in the NEXT TOWN, Terence is starting to get frustrated. Toni|Dallas and Ken|Tina have to ford a somewhat swampy area to get to the taxi lot, and Ken kind of snaps at Tina to follow behind him when she objects to getting her feet wet. "Just quit yelling. You yell again, and I will go totally in a different direction," she "threatens." He tells her to listen, and she bitches back, "You don't ever listen to me." Well, from the twenty-odd minutes of their lives together that I've seen, that doesn't appear to be the case at all. She interviews later, "I get to a point, I shut down." Ken kids her about taking a few swings first, and she agrees, "I'm not gonna go out too quietly." Yes, why should she go out differently from the way she does everything else? They reach their cab, sweaty and breathless, in third place. Toni and Dallas are in fourth.

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