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Taxiing Their Patience

And somewhere up the road, Terence suggests getting an ice cream. I'm not sure if he's actually serious or not. "Yeah, babe, 'cause we're sightseeing," Sarah says tartly, without looking up from her map. Just then, they see Mark and Bill's cab go by. "I don't think they needed us to stop," Bill cracks from the comfort of his seat. Sarah swears she will literally tear her hair out if another team passes them (one will, and she won't). They try to flag down the next taxi, and it slows, but inside it Ken insists the driver go on without them, overruling Tina's protests that they need help. "What if we're ever broken down and we need someone to help us? You need to think about that," Tina lectures. Ken just sighs. I assume that means he's thinking. As he and Sarah wait frustratedly for another taxi to show up, Toni and Dallas pull up in their color-coded red cab. Dallas hops out and gives them directions before he and his mom proceed on their way. "Such a class act," Terence says. So he and Sarah start the long jog back up the road, apparently having been unable to figure out for themselves that taxis live in the direction that the taxis have been coming from. Sarah offers to let Terence carry her bag. "I want a taxi," he pants. "I know, honey," she responds. "Something I can control." "Your love for me?" he whines. Oh, I think if she could control that, they'd be done now.

Back on the beach, Anthony and Stephanie are rushing to catch up, while the Belles are whining and looking near tears at having to do something physical. Ty encourages Aja to help him pass the girls. "They're tired, we're not tired. I can see it all over her face," he tells Aja, not bothering to keep his voice down. "Ty was talking mess to the blondes," Aja interviews, as though Marisa and Brooke's misery isn't visible from space. Ty adds that their faces were flushed and red. "Our faces don't get red," Aja quips.

But it's the Frat Boys who finish next and start plodding to their taxi. The divorcees finally decide that they should do the same, abandoning their imaginary "container" before they've dug it out, because hey, that's what everyone else is doing. No, ladies, everyone else is reading their clues. They're in their sixth-place cab when Christy finally realizes that they were acting on a note that pertains to the Detour they weren't doing. Well, that must be a relief, at least. In the seventh-place cab, Aja and Ty spot Terence and Sarah running to meet them on their way back to the taxi stand. "Aw, hell," Aja says. Ty is less sympathetic, and rightly so.

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