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Taxiing Their Patience

The Belles and Team Tick-Tock are almost finished when Terence and Sarah finally spot the taxis. But it's Marisa and Brooke who don't finish last, congratulating themselves on how tough they are now. Anthony and Stephanie finish shortly thereafter, Anthony reading the clue as "Travel by taxi to Parque de Vacayalalalalah." They still get to their cab after Terence and Sarah get to theirs, having fallen from first to ninth just by being stupid. In the last cab, Anthony reads out loud, "Once you arrive at Parque de Vacajada, you should have your taxi wait." This immediately tells me, and every other viewer, that someone will fail to have their taxi wait.

It's not Mark and Bill, however, as they arrive first and tell their driver to wait. The clue box turns out to contain a Road Block. Phil tells us that this is a task that only one person can perform. "In this Road Block, that person has to search for a clue hidden in plain sight." In fact, the clue is written on the wall that serves as the backdrop for this sequence. It's a six-hundred-foot long white wall, with Portuguese text covering just about every square foot of it, and somewhere on it is the name of their next destination. The camera draws our attention to a list of sixteen or so places, with "Cidade Da Criança" among them and highlighted by the camera. Phil explains that the secret to this task is to "embrace the laid-back local beach culture and resist the urge to overthink the numerous Portuguese ads surrounding it." Uh-huh. They have to guess the correct destination and tell it to the local painter waiting nearby, and he'll give them their next clue. And enjoy his moment in the process, I might add.

Bill takes this one for the Geeks, and starts walking along the length of the wall methodically, taking notes like he's in a museum. Meanwhile, the siblings' cabdriver is stopping and asking random people along the road for directions. Bill has found a list of what looks like sixteen destinations, and heads back to the painter to guess "Casa De José de Alencar." Wrong. He heads back, just as Tina and Ken are arriving and she starts on the task. Finding him at the end of the wall scribbling furiously, she asks him, "Are you just writing everything down like I know you are?" "Why would I do that?" Bill responds unconvincingly. Afterwards, Bill admits that he ended up helping Tina out. "I'm kind of a reflexively honest guy," he says. Mark slaps him upside the head for it. So there's a clue as to how this is going to turn out for them.

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