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Taxiing Their Patience

Nick and Starr are still lost, and he tries to calm her down after they have to ask directions from a bus driver. "We're in this situation. Crying and freaking out's not going to help anything." She doesn't seem to appreciate his philosophical attitude.

Toni is taking this Road Block for her and Dallas, and she runs off while Bill returns to the painter with his list. He starts reading them off patiently while the painter keeps responding "No" with equal patience.

The Frat Boys arrive fourth, and Andrew's taking this one. He dashes off along the wall as Bill continues reading and Tina starts heading back to the painter with her own list. But he gets to the right one before she arrives, causing the painter to produce a clue from under his painter's smock with a loud "Yes!" And with that, the Geeks are off to the Pit Stop, Cidade Da Criança (but you already knew that). It was "built as an oasis for the city's children," Phil explains as he slips through the narrow spaces between a columned monument, "but we've kicked them all out for the day so we can use it to shoot an American game show. Brazilian children are noisy, dudes." Although he pronounces that last part as "the last team to check in may be eliminated." The Geeks are underway in their cab when Tina finally hits the right one in her list. Way down the wall, Toni hears her histrionic cheering and spits, "Oh, for God's sake." Heh. Nice to see she's not completely sweet.

Ken and Tina's taxi catches up with the Geeks' in the street. When they're both stopped side by side at a red light, Mark calls out to Ken, "Let the fat boys have one!" "I gotta make mama happy," Ken calls back good-naturedly. When the light changes, Ken and Tina's cab takes off much more quickly, and just like that, they're in the lead.

Nick and Starr arrive at the Road Block, Nick telling the cabdriver to wait before taking the Road Block for them. Remember that. The divorcees are also en route. "We Have Learned To Read The Clue," they chant in red-faced unison. Remember that also. Aja and Ty's taxi passes that of Team Divorced on the road, so they get there sixth. Kelly and Christy are standing at the clue box when Kelly lets loose a curse as they realize their taxi just left, since they didn't ask it to wait. Surprisingly, they don't chant in unison, "We Have Learned Fuck-All."

In the second-place taxi, Bill comments, "I'm so glad we're in a footrace against the ex-professional football player." He means the opposite, in case that's not clear. Both teams get out of their cabs at the same time, but somehow the Geeks are in the lead as they race for the one (poorly marked) entrance to the walled-in park. But Mark has to stop. "My pack just ripped!" he yells. There's some confusing editing, and then Tina and Ken arrive at the mat first, Ken carrying both backpacks. "welcome to Fortaleza," says their aging, behatted greeter. Phil tells them they've won the leg, and also an off-road vehicle for each of them. Bill and Mark walk up to join them on the mat, and get high-fives from Tina. She's always generous with those when things are going her way. Phil asks Ken why they're there, and Ken says, "We're here because we want to put our marriage back together." Tina interviews that they still have communication problems, but winning the leg made everything better. Mark magnanimously tells them that if this helped their marriage, "Well, then screw the ATVs." Tina hugs them gratefully, but doesn't offer them the ATVs.

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