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Taxiing Their Patience

The Southern Belles and Terence|Sarah arrive at the Detour in quick succession. Sarah takes it for her team, and it doesn't really matter which blonde is taking it for theirs, as far as I can tell. Terence insists on kissing Sarah and telling her to calm down before she rushes off. "That kiss was so emblematic of the difference in our personalities," Sarah interviews, with Terence sitting next to her. "Mister Sensitivo with his emotions, wants to, like, take in the moment, and I'm like, dude, we're behind!" Anthony and Stephanie arrive last, with that water droplet of doom still stuck in their camera lens.

There's a knot of racers standing and transcribing that section of wall. Nick suddenly turns to Sarah and whispers, "Let's start working together, all right?" But upon realizing she just got there, he says, "All right, screw it," and runs right over to Andrew to compare notes. "I think it's a color-coding thing," he whispers. So much for not overthinking. Sarah complains about the dissing to her camera. "What a jerk," she says, not slowing down her jotting one jot.

The Divorcees are the next to finish, but there's still the question of taxi transportation. Maybe Kelly should have made use of the time arranging a backup taxi, but she didn't, so now they have to figure out their next move. Nick is saying to Andrew, "I don't think you can just jot down that whole list and then rattle them off," as Aja, Sarah, and Toni run off to do just that. Aja gets her and Ty's clue in fourth and Andrew tells Nick, "Dude, whatshername just got it." Team long-distance is off to the Pit Stop, while Team Divorced is standing by the road and literally yelling "Taxi!" at every car that goes by, whether it's a taxi or not. Sarah finishes next, putting her and Terence back in fifth place with Toni and Dallas close behind. All three of those teams head out past Team Divorced, who are now begging Jesus for help. Jesus is like, what more do you want from Me? Back at the wall, Nick is bringing his overthinking to the next level, wondering if you have to cut up bits of text and put it back together. The Belles are also struggling. "I don't know Spanish!" "You don't have to know Spanish!" "It's all Spanish!" I wonder how many days in Brazil it will take them to learn that people speak Portuguese. Also, I really can't wait for them to start trying to understand Spanish in, like, Asia. We leave the four remaining teams in their varying degrees of frustration and cluelessness.

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