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Taxiing Their Patience

Back from the ads, Kelly and Christy are berating themselves for failing to read the clue for the second time running, and Starr and Stephanie are yelling instructions at their frustrated partners. "I'm looking at a bunch of Pig Latin," Anthony complains in another moment of cultural sensitivity. Andrew tries something that ends in "eliminada," and is flummoxed when the painter shoots him down. "Dude, people were saying longer stuff than that," Dan mutters after him. Maybe he should try saying it again, but slower.

Terence and Sarah find the park and get out of their cab at a dead run. Toni|Dallas and Aja|Ty are also arriving, and it's a three-way footrace. In the end, it's Terence and Sarah who arrive at the mat seconds in front of the other teams, followed by Dallas, then Aja and Ty, and Toni. Not a backpack to be seen among them, by the way. Phil looks at the six people arrayed before him and welcomes them as "teams number three, four, and five." The cameraman managed to get all six of them in the shot, meaning some chyron producer had to stay late putting three subtitles on the screen. For the record, Aja and Ty came in fourth and Toni and Dallas came in fifth. High-fives all around. Phil asks about the love he's seeing, and Sarah tells him about how Dallas and Toni pulled over to offer their help. Terence interviews that "At first we were like, we're not gonna work with anybody, but other people, their beauty shined through today, so you know something? It's all class act going forward." "I'm just a mom," Toni says on the mat, as though she and not Dallas was the one to stop the cabdriver, get out, and give directions. Thank God, I finally have something to call these two on. I was getting worried.

And Team Divorced is still standing by the side of the road, wondering if their cab went into the yard where the other cabs went. At the wall, Nick, for no reason, tells Andrew -- in fact, he swears to God -- that he'll share with Andrew whatever he comes up with. "I would do the same for you," Andrew says, and then stands and watches Nick as he runs off, promising to come back. As he runs back to a very excited and yelling Starr, he says, "I'm going to ask you once, I'm going to ask you calmly, I don't need any more shouting, thanks." Wow, he's kind of a dick. Nick reads off his list to the painter, who's getting into his role as he dispenses their clue to them. And they're in their cab. "Where did he go?" Andrew is left wondering. Nick explains himself in an interview: "Andrew had nothing to offer me. I don't mind playing dirty as long as I'm the one who benefits from it." Starr gives a defiant little smirk. See, I don't see how he helped himself at all, except to make an enemy for no reason. Let me be clear: I have no issue with Nick abandoning Andrew to his own meager devices. I just don't see what he achieved by going out of his way to convince Andrew that he was going to do otherwise, other than making sure the Frat Boys will never trust them again and are likely to complain about them to the other teams (for whatever that's worth). It's a little early in the race for that, even if Andrew and Dan don't have more than a couple more legs in them.

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