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Taxiing Their Patience

Terence and Sarah leave third, at 4:18 a.m. And I continue to have to make a conscious effort not to refer to them as Terence and Philip. Somehow the corner of the tailgate on their hatchback taxi clips Terence on the forehead as the driver swings it up for their luggage, and Terence acts like it took off half his skull. "Do you not see me bleeding?" he demands of Sarah. "I don't see you bleeding," she responds. That's because he isn't. "Okay, I am," he insists. He still isn't. In the back of the cab en route to the airport, Terence turns her into his field medic, up to and including making her blow on it and put a tiny little band-aid on it. Sarah interviews that Terence is a "ball of emotion." That's one word for it. Her plan for dealing with it? Do whatever he wants her to. I wonder if Terence helped her come up with that plan.

The Geeks, Mark and Bill, are leaving at 4:24 a.m. They interview about the advantage they have over the other teams: "You can't really snap at the woman you're dating. You always gotta go like, 'at the end of the day, I gotta go home and I gotta live with this person.'" Which is not the case for the Geeks. They get to go home to their separate mothers.

Nick and Starr are the first to the airport, asking a ticket agent for the earliest flight to "Fort Atelza." The agent says there's nothing until 11:30, which will leave enough time for even the Southern Belles and Team Tick-Tock to arrive. Kenny and Tina are learning the same thing from the departure board. After the siblings call them over, the four of them go running off in search of another counter. It's almost like a little nuclear family, except for how "Mom and Dad" met their "kids" just a few days ago and also are on the verge of divorce at any second.

Kelly and Christy (Team Divorced), are leaving fifth at 4:44 a.m. They interview that they were smart enough to get out of their bad relationships, so they should be able to deal with any challenges the race throws at them. As we'll see later, it's not the challenges per se that give them problems.

At the second ticket counter, the first foursome is getting good news and bad news: there's a flight leaving at 6:45, but it's only got one seat left. "At least there's no sign of Terence and Sarah," Nick mutters to Starr. As if by magic, Terence and Sarah are just leaving their cab and entering the terminal. This time it's Sarah who just wants to check the boards, while now Terence wants to talk to someone. Oh, make up your mind.

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