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Taxiing Their Patience

Kelly and Christy arrive at the airport, just as the leading four teams head toward the gate. Tina sends Ken off to exchange some cash, on the assumption that they'll both get to be first on the plane whether they both arrive first at the gate or not. I'm sure the other racers will be only too happy to agree. After all, the ticket agent said so.

Stephanie and Anthony take off from the Pit Stop at 5:11, with the sky turning dark blue in the background. The first cab they find is literally being pushed by its driver. They get in it anyway, because the last-place team, Brooke and Marisa, is leaving only two minutes behind them. So of course they just want to get going as soon as possible, rather than holding out for a car in better condition and stranding the other team with a broken one. Anthony figures, "It's a beater for a reason," by which I guess he assumes that the cabbie drives the hell out of it at all times. Interesting logic. Stephanie is of course thinking further ahead than that, interviewing that -- wait for it -- she wants to get married, and all they're missing right now is financial stability. Well, that and a groom. Anthony says he wants to be a good provider, "as a man," so winning a million dollars should help with that. Whereas (although he doesn't mention this) if they lose, he doesn't have to marry her. He's in a win-win situation, really.

Meanwhile, the "Southern Belles" are learning that the race is hard. "We definitely need to be a little bit more aggressive, be sneakier, and work a lot harder," one of them interviews. And breaking into the occasional jog probably couldn't hurt, either.

While Kelly and Christy wait for their tickets at the airport, Tina comes up and drapes a motherly arm over Kelly's (the dark-haired one) shoulder and reports, "We got them to switch the plane to a bigger plane, so we'll all be on the same flight." As Tina scampers off to rejoin Ken, the divorcees rapidly assess the actual situation: "She's full of it."

Toni|Dallas, the Frat Boys, and Ty|Aja are arriving at about the same time, but all going to different ticket counters. What this means in practical terms is that Tina has trouble finding all of them to tell them about her magnanimous, magical superpowers over South American airlines that are benefiting every team in the race, so Team Long-Distance is the only one we see getting the news. They pretend to agree that they owe her for that, but scoff at the very idea the minute she's gone. "Like this isn't a competition," Aja says. Arriving in a ticket line, Anthony promises "A whole new race" from now on. Given the outcome of this leg, I really can't see why Stephanie's in such a hurry to exchange vows with him.

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