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Taxiing Their Patience

It's a fairly short Amazing Yellow Line that cuts across the east corner of Brazil up to Fortaleza on the north coast. At the airport there, they all trot down the concourse in a big knot, then a bunch of them take a wrong turn and fetch up at International Arrivals instead of the taxi stand. Terence and Sarah get their cab first, and Sarah describes the mad scene in the airport after the fact: "Guys carrying all the girls' bags. Except for us." Heh. Kelly and Christy, Team Divorced, are in the second-place cab, and the Frat Boys are in third, thanks to being slow enough not to take the wrong turn that the leaders took. I have to give them points for not following the pack for once. Toni and Dallas are in fourth, pulling out while Stephanie and Anthony's driver is still trying to get his cab started. I'm beginning to think that picking broken-down cabs is Anthony's superpower. Aja and Ty are out in fifth, lamenting the lead they lost by following people in the wrong direction. Meanwhile, Anthony has decided to help get his and Stephanie's cab started by pushing it, yelling at the driver to pop the clutch. They also have a cameraman with a fogged-up lens, which may or may not be some kind of sign. The Belles pull out in sixth, with the Geeks in seventh, as Stephanie finally, angrily, prevails on Anthony to give up on their cab and get their luggage out of the trunk. Nick and Starr are in eighth, he trying to calm her down, as always. Tina and Ken are in ninth, after all that gate silliness. That leaves Anthony and Stephanie in last place, while Anthony bitches about how "everything is broken in this country." Funny, none of the other teams seem to keep insisting on getting into cabs that don't work.

Terence and Sarah arrive at the clue box in Cumboco. Phil explains that the teams will now have to pick one of the yellow dune buggies waiting nearby to take them to a place called Barraca D Manoel to get their next clue from a vendor. They quickly find them, followed by Team Divorced and Toni|Dallas, who pass the Frat Boys in their taxi somewhere along the way. Unfortunately, when they get to the beach, the racers have to just jump on the backs of the buggies instead of getting to drive themselves, which might have resulted in some fairly spectacular wipeouts. Aja and Ty have trouble finding the clue box when they arrive, so Mark|Bill and Marisa|Brooke find it before they do. We also get to see the phrase "Marisa & Brooke, Currently in fifth place," which I'm sure we'll never see again until after at least five more eliminations. Terence and Sarah are off on their dune buggy, having a great time. "It started raining. It was like God showering us with love and joy," Terence interviews afterwards. Behind them, Team Divorced and Toni|Dallas are having a similarly good time, but without being tools about it.

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