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Taxiing Their Patience

In their cab at the back of the pack, Anthony and Stephanie are having a culturally sensitive moment, looking out at the seemingly dilapidated neighborhoods zipping past their window and saying, "It makes you really appreciate what you have." But then Anthony blows it by snarking, "If they'd learn how to fix a car, they'd probably make it rich."

Mark and Bill board their dune buggy, leaving Ty and Aja to wonder where they found the clue box. The Frat Boys aren't much help when they join them. So Starr and Nick take sixth place at the clue box, with Ken and Tina in seventh. The Belles encounter the lost Aja and Ty on the beach next to the dune buggies and send them "back where we started." The siblings hop on their buggy, and as the Belles get on theirs, one of them says, "We're gonna get tan." "Yay, tan," the other one sings out vapidly. Some guy on the beach moons them as they zoom past. Now that's a quick judge of character. The Frat Boys have fallen to eighth place, with Aja and Ty behind them, and Team Tick-Tock seemingly right behind them. Poor Stephanie. She's in a hurry to marry someone who's never in a hurry for anything.

Terence and Sarah are the first to get the next clue: it's a Detour. In keeping with the "coastal community," Phil names the choices "Beach It" and "Docket." "Beach It" requires teams to get back on their dune buggies and ride to a beach where 440-pound fishing boats are waiting next to the water along with two-man crews. They'll have to use "local methods" to transport their boat 100 yards across the beach to an inlet behind them, "local methods" being heavy logs that one places under the boat's hull to roll it along. With the help of the crews, of course, who presumably have done this before. Phil promises, "Teams with the right combination of muscle and mental acuity could finish fast." Describing "Docket," Phil is transported to a shipyard full of shipping containers. He bangs on one of them expectantly, then elaborates that the teams need to use one of the computers in the shipyard's office building to match a serial number to the one in their clue. The correct container has a clue box waiting inside. "The task is not physical, but teams without an eye for detail could find themselves stuck here for a long time." So Kelly and Christy should avoid this one, not that it's going to do them any good.

Terence|Sarah and Kelly|Christy both choose "Beach It." One of the divorcees assures us, "We may be women, but we're freakin' tough." Unfortunately, its not their toughness that's about to be called into question. Toni and Dallas make the same choice, and run to their boats. Mark and Bill, predictably, can't resist "the computer thing." Down on the beach, Team Divorced has opened up a lead against Terence and Sarah, with Toni and Dallas holding steady in third.

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