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Taxiing Their Patience

Back at the beach, Kelly and Christy notice that Terence and Sarah are passing them. Not easily, though; Sarah is saying she's tired. Terence yells at her for doing push-ups in the morning. "You hear me?" he pushes. "I'm not deaf!" she snaps back. Hearing this, the divorcees interview that Sarah shouldn't let Terence yell at her like that. "It kind of reminds me of my ex-husband. He used to yell at me and control me." Did he also wear his hair so that his head looked like an onion?

Nick and Starr are catching up with Toni and Dallas, and Nick suggests that Starr kiss each of their crewmen on the cheek as incentive. Yes, pimping out your sister is always a classy move. At least he stops short of asking her to rub her parts on them. The Belles are struggling with their rolling logs, as are Ken and Tina. And the Geeks have just arrived at the shipyard, confronted with a veritable city of shipping containers stretching out before them all the way to the horizon. The view of which is blocked by shipping containers. Somehow they fail to make an Indiana Jones reference. They should have their fedoras repossessed just for that.

Anthony and Stephanie have arrived at the detour, and quickly decide to Beach It. Glad to see them doing something quickly. Meanwhile, the Frat Boys run to their boats. Dan, arriving first, jumps up on the deck and stands there like something's going to happen. "Dude, are you kidding?" Andrew asks. Aja and Ty? Right behind them.

The Geeks have discovered a section of trailers marked "Hamburg Süd," which tells them they're at least in the right section, large as it is. They just hope the other teams are having more trouble than they are.

Terence and Sarah aren't -- yet. They get their boat in the water and get their next clue. It tells them to grab one of the taxis WAITING in the PARKING LOT RIGHT UP the HILL and travel to Parque de Vaquejada for their next clue. So Terence starts leading them further down the beach. "Babe, where do you propose we get a taxi?" Sarah asks reasonably. Terence says it's either straight ahead on level ground or they run up the hill. Guess which one they don't do?

Nick and Starr pass Team Divorced and finish second. Wisely, they walk back up the beach and spot an Amazing Arrow sign planted in the sand. Whereupon they begin looking for the next Amazing Arrow. So much for not FedExing the teams around the world this season. Meanwhile, Terence and Sarah are jogging off in the opposite direction. "Further run, but no hill," Terence reasons. This is the kind of logic that leads drunks to search for their car keys under the street light instead of in the alley where they dropped them, and superpowers to get bogged down in countries that didn't attack them. The hill doesn't seem to deter Nick and Starr, drawn by the sign up top reading "Taxi Parking." "There's a sign that I can read!" Nick crows. Literacy is a wonderful thing.

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