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In her car, Jennifer (of "and Nathan") explains that a bunch of the teams went right instead of left on Sunset Boulevard, so they're not going the right way to the 405. These teams, the editors helpfully show us, include Nicolas and Donald, Ari and Staella, TK and Rachel, Kynt and Vyxsin, and Marianna and Julia. One thing I noticed about this opener is that they use the editing a lot and the foreboding sound effects to remind you who's going the wrong way. When there are fewer teams and I know them better, that generally seems repetitive and unnecessary, but right now, I actually appreciate it, because I can't really remember who, out of eleven teams, said "go right" and "go left." So the little summary is helpful. I am an old lady and need a lot of help!

It appears that Azaria and Hendekea are going the right way, but they conclude that they're going the wrong way, so they turn around and head back in what is the actual wrong way. see what I'm saying. Azaria also interviews here that he fears Hendekea "not being ready," and promises to "blow a gasket" if that occurs. It's always nice when your only fear is your partner's failings. Jason observes their incorrect U-turn and is amused. Teams start getting on the freeway. My favorite part of the sequence is when Jennifer refers to Kate and Pat, behind her in their car, as "these bitches." (God: "[Eyebrow].") Christina tells us, meanwhile, that she's her father's youngest, so there's that dynamic. Shana and Jennifer discern that one of them is Irish. (Ireland: "[Shakes head, sticks out tongue, makes 'thumbs down' gesture].")

Nicolas pulls over to ask directions, and he figures out that he's going the wrong way, so he turns it around. The rest of the teams are smart enough to realize that this means they should also turn around, so the wrong-way caravan finally gets righted. Donald clarifies from the car that British Airways is the flight they want, but there are limited seats. So: the usual. Hendekea gets out to ask directions, and Azaria mutters, "Women and directions." Hey, girls like ponies! Boys like trucks! Spiders are scary! Buy me some Midol! They turn around, saying it's been "a rough start." Rattlesnakes of foreboding!

Nathan and Jennifer and Jason and Lorena get to the Park and Fly lot, followed by Ronald and Christina. Kate and Pat are there, too, as are Shana and Jennifer. Ronald and Christina, however, haven't apparently gotten quite the right directions, or so suggests the ominous cymbal crash when he speculates that they might have "bum directions." Which I assume means "bad directions," and not, say, "directions to the best places to panhandle" or "start at your belly button, loop around, and go south." Jason and Lorena are the first to the British Airways counter, while Nathan and Jennifer are still on the shuttle. They apparently have a driver who's as uncooperative as a mule, because they're getting nowhere, while Shana and Jennifer get to British Airways next, along with Kate and Pat. Next up are Azaria and Hendekea and Marianna and Julia, and only then do we see Ronald and Christina. It appears that the sisters get on the same shuttle as the engineers, but Ronald and Christina do not, and neither do Donald and Nicolas.

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