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Andy and Tommy are back in the parking lot paying their cabbie, as are Laurence and Zac. Then they run back across the grounds, past marching elephants with riders, as Laurence encourages Zac, "Let's be team number one." I guess the "no running" rule only applies to the temple proper. They arrive at the mat, where Phil is standing with a woman wearing a gold chicken on her head, who welcomes them to Borobudur, Indonesia. Phil tells them they're team number one, then interrupts their happy hug with a loud "however," reminding them that they used four buckets at the Detour instead of the two they were supposed to use, so they've gotten themselves a fifteen-minute penalty that they'll now have to wait out. As they walk over to sit under the tree Phil points them to, Laurence says to Zac, "Sorry, man, that was me." Tommy and Andy run up to the mat, and are told they're the second team to arrive, but because Laurence and Zac are waiting out their fifteen-minute penalty, the snowboarders win the leg. Honestly, what are the chances of a team winning two legs in a row as a result of other team's mistakes? Okay, pretty high this season, but the same team? They seriously think Phil's just messing with them, but Phil insists that they've won a trip to Dubai. Tommy says Laurence helped him on the road block, and he and Andy agree that it should be Laurence and Zac's win. "That doesn't mean you can't gift it to them," Phil points out. "Totally up to you." But they know their wives wouldn't be happy with that, so they settle for calling over to the penalty tree, "Talk to us when you need some snowboard gear. We owe you." Also, their wives would have a point; the snowboarders did try to warn them at the Detour. A bit later, Laurence and Zac are officially checked in as team number two.

Back at the temple, Marie joins Ernie and Jeremy and Justin, who are all standing around flummoxed. Okay, maybe it's possible that the clue isn't very clearly written. As Marcus watches from above, it's Ernie who finally decodes the clue to mean that they have to count the statues by each hand position. They head back inside as a foursome. Marcus has counted to seventeen and gotten stuck. Amani hopes that Marcus was paying attention to Tommy earlier, but Marcus tells us, "I was just carrying backpacks and running." So that would be a no. Marcus says, "I should have been paying more attention, 'cause it seems like it'd be paying off right now." All he has to say right now is, "shoot!"

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