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But after the ads, he sucks it up and starts counting again. Meanwhile, the temporary Marie/Ernie/Jeremy/Justin alliance divides up the work so they each count one hand gesture's worth of statues. Bill, Lisa, and Marcus are still working independently. Bill is down with the judge, making his guesses with hand gestures, and at least he seems to have figured out the concept of the solution, even if he's not coming up with the right numbers. "Bill, be quiet!" Cathi yells over from where the partners are waiting. "I can hear you!" He's got it wrong anyway. Lisa's new guess: "Four." Wow. Wrong. Montage of counting. Back up on the temple, Lisa meets up with Marcus and they start working together while the gang of four finalizes their tallies. Bill's going to give it another try first. This time he sits down on the ground in front of the judge, Buddha-style, and slowly goes through his totals while the waiting racers watch nervously. After an eternal pause, the judge finally says congratulations, and all the partners cheer for him. At this rate, the other teams are going to be cheering them all the way to the Finish Line. But only if you get up and take your clue, slowpoke! Cathi's pretty happy, obviously. They open the Pit Stop clue and realize they have to go back to the taxi for their backpacks. Justin is the next person to make his guesses, also from a sitting position, I guess because they all saw Bill doing it and figured it was a requirement. "See you all in a minute," Jennifer says as she picks up both their backpacks to run and meet Justin. They read their clue in fourth place as Bill and Cathi hurry to the parking lot. Ernie earns his clue, and then has to look around for Cindy, who's on her way to meet him with both their backpacks. Marie gets her clue next, so they're off to pay their taxi in sixth place. Jeremy gets his clue next. Lisa is running through her numbers, and gets it right, just as Sandy is reading her and Jeremy's clue in seventh place. She reminds him (and us, the viewers) that everyone else has to go back to their taxi, but since theirs broke down, they don't have one. So that was probably the luckiest car breakdown in Amazing Race history right there. Walking back, Bill says to Cathi, "We're in first place. What more do you want?" "Third," she corrects him. Marcus gets his clue in last place and calls out, "Let's ride!"

Jeremy and Sandy walk past the elephants and up to the mat, where Phil tells them they're team number three. A four-place jump forward thanks to car trouble, which I'm pretty sure is a record. Now most of the other teams are rushing back to their cabs, except of course for Amani and Marcus, who fired their driver and thus never have to see him again. Justin assures his driver that he's giving him plenty in American money, and Kaylani is trying to hurry a tired-out Lisa back to the parking lot. Justin and Jennifer are the next team to reach the mat, with Ernie and Cindy directly behind them, putting them in fourth and fifth respectively. Bill and Cathi are searching the parking lot for their taxi, as are the showgirls and the twins. But the grandparents find theirs next, effectively putting them in the lead. Amani and Marcus make it to the mat, exhausted and with no idea where they are in the ranking. But when Phil tells them they're team number six, Marcus lets out a celebratory scream, and they hug and high-five. Phil says Marcus looks like he won the Super Bowl, although you can tell he had to stop himself from saying Cricket Open or Quidditch World Cup some other such foreign nonsense. Marcus says that's how it feels, because you need a lot of luck to win the Super Bowl too. Nice of him to acknowledge the role of fortune in this outcome, in the form of being blessed to have a cab driver they couldn't stand for one more minute.

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