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Right on cue, mutually-hating siblings Jennifer and Justin open their clue in eighth place, at 8:31 AM. In a pre-leg interview, Justin says, "Everybody's gotten a taste of how volatile our relationship can be." A taste? More like a snoot-full. "The goal today is to focus on the positives and try to get as far away from the negatives... as possible." Next to him, Jennifer is filled with as much dead-eyed abhorrence as usual, but manages to nod in agreement. Riding the bike proves problematic for her, as she crashes into a hapless pedestrian, but she's having more fun doing that than she does talking to Justin. In fact, if she could have run over Justin instead, she probably would have considered that the ideal experience.

Amani and Marcus are the last team to leave, at 8:32 AM. It's a little jarring to go from two weeks of eleven teams to just nine. They hit the streets at a run as Marcus interviews about the pressure of being behind, but says that he once played a game where they were 21 points behind with four minutes to go and won anyway. I'll take his word for it on that one. The moral? "It's not over till it's over." They're soon on their bikes. Meanwhile, passing through some back alley, the pedal on Ernie's bicycle comes clean off. Control that, Cindy. They have to go back and pick it up, and wait while one of the cycle club guys accompanying them attempts to reattach the pedal. Liz and Marie's group catches up and passes them while they're trying to effect repairs, as does Jeremy and Sandy's. "[Ernie] didn't look too happy," Jeremy says as they go on their way. "Which made me happy." Bill and Cathi head on by as well, Cathi remarking, "Road kill number one." That is some cold, cold shit, old lady. Justin and Jennifer also pass them, but they do so further along the course than the other teams did, which means that Ernie rode it for a while from the first breakdown until the pedal came off again. Meanwhile, one of the cyclists is trying to re-reattach the pedal with twine, which isn't going to work, and Amani and Marcus are the only team left to pass them. But without clearance from the group leader to proceed, Ernie and Cindy are stuck there, at least through the ads. So to misquote an old saying, plans are what Cindy makes while God laughs.

However, the ad break seems to help them get going again, with a jury-rigged pedal, before Amani and Marcus can pass them and drop them all the way to last place. Soon after, the showgirls get to Fort Vredeburg in third place, and Liz and Marie in fourth. Jeremy and Sandy are in fifth, and upon opening the clue and taking one look at what it says, Sandy snaps, "We can't pronounce it, let's go." Sandy won't be your tongue-tied, geographically ignorant bitch, Amazing Race! Bill and Cathi get their sixth-place clue, and Justin and Jennifer finish up in seventh. "We completely lost our third-place position," Cindy says, somewhere behind them. And they also lost fourth, and fifth, and sixth, and seventh place. But at least they didn't panic and throw the Express Pass. I have a feeling they may end up being the first team ever to carry an Express Pass all the way to the Finish Line, where Cindy will carefully divide it into twenty-one equal segments for Phil and the other teams to eat. Marcus is cheering himself along behind them somewhere, as the other teams get into taxis and rejoin the chaotic traffic. "Never a dull moment," Jeremy says after nearly getting killed. Jennifer tries to hurry their driver along, even as Justin asks her not to stress out their driver. "Calm down," she hypocritically snaps at him. Finally, Cindy and Ernie with his tied-on pedal arrive at the fort in eighth place, knowing everyone but Marcus and Amani passed them. And here comes that team too, pulling in not long after Ernie and Cindy are changed and in their cab. They get their taxi too, with the help of Marcus's whistle. Still not over till it's over.

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