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Now we're getting pastoral up in this piece, with lots of lovely helicopter shots of Salakmalang Village. Small boys run through the narrow paths of the rice paddies, where farmers are busily at work. Andy and Tommy get to the appointed restaurant, and again, there's no clue box; just a rice basket on an inverted bushel containing clues. Did they just do away with clue boxes entirely this season, along with Phil's use of the past tense? And if so, why not draw more attention to it? Anyway, the snowboarders learn that they'll be doing a Detour, with the options being "Rice Field" or "Grass Fed." Here's Phil telling us, "Nearly half of all Indonesians work in agriculture." And today, seventeen Americans and Laurence will as well. For "Rice Field," they'll deliver covered lunch trays out to the farmers in the rice paddies. And while the farmers eat, the racers will take over planting, sticking 300 rice seedlings in the mud to earn their next clue. For "Grass Fed," they have to fill two large feedbags with fresh grass, then get two sheep and bring them to the sheep shed, where each team will draw six buckets of water from a well and dump them into a trough to get their next clue. The snowboarders consider how long it could take to plant 300 rice seedlings and quickly decide on "Grass Fed." They run out through the fields, following the signs to the high, narrow dirt paths that thread between the rice paddies. Tommy looks like he nearly broke his ankle jumping down, so it's a good thing they have snowboarders' balance. They're handed their bags, which they quickly fill and run back with. A little too quickly, as it will soon turn out.

Bill and Cathi are joking in silly voices about being "number one" in their cab when they're passed by Ernie and Cindy, who until just now were team number eight. So clearly Bill and Cathi weren't math teachers. Sandy and Jeremy pass Kaylani and Lisa out on a country road somewhere, which Kaylani is pretty bitter about, especially when their driver laughs about possibly costing them a million dollars. Don't worry, Kaylani, he's just getting started. Amani and Marcus's driver, on the other hand, isn't laughing, and in fact looks so lost that he doesn't laugh until Marcus stresses at him.

At the farm, after we get to look at some animals in the barn, Andy and Tommy are each given a sheep on a leash, which they have to try to lead while carrying bags of grass on their shoulders. The sheep are loudly making their dissatisfaction with the situation known, and not with cute little "baas," either. They sound like old men yelling, "Eaaaahh!" at kids who just ran by and knocked over their backgammon board. Obligatory shot of laughing locals. When the snowboarders make it to the sheep shack, the farmers tell them their grass bags aren't full enough, so they have to go back. Well, that sucks for them.

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