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Fare Competition

Laurence and Zac show up at the farm in second place, and also decide to do "Grass Fed." They arrive in the paddies just in time to see Andy & Tommy (who have dropped their sheep back off rather than dragging them all the way across the farm) running back to top off their grass bags, and they hurry over in that direction. "Make sure it's full," Laurence warns Zac. The snowboarders recover their no-less-angry-sounding sheep and turn them in at the sheep shack so they can get started on the water part of the task. Tommy reads from the clue, "As a team, you may only use two buckets at a time." They get to work filling while Laurence and Zac wrangle their sheep over there with some difficulty. Joining the snowboarders at the well, Laurence makes the mistake of deciding he and Zac need more buckets. Tommy warns them to read their clue, but his advice seems to go ignored. Andy & Tommy are still in first when they finish and get a clue sending them to Borobudur Temple, where Phil says they'll climb the steps to the top to get their next clue. Laurence and Zac finish adding water to the trough using their illegal extra buckets, and get their clue.

Somewhere behind them, a knot of teams is arriving at the restaurant where the remaining Detour clues are waiting, and make their choices: Justin & Jennifer (Grass Fed), Ernie & Cindy (Grass Fed), Jeremy & Sandy (Grass Fed), Liz & Marie (Rice Field), Bill & Cathi (Grass Fed), and Kaylani & Lisa (Rice Field). Basically, girls don't want to carry bags of grass. The two all-female teams grab lunch trays and head for the fields, which I'm sure will be a relief to the four rice farmers in Indonesia who get lunch today. The other teams are already on their way out to the grass pile. It soon becomes even more clear than before that a snowboarder's balance is invaluable on the high, narrow paths, as Sandy, Cathi (who tries to follow Bill on what he incorrectly thinks is a "short cut" through the swamp), and Lisa quickly find. The teams doing Grass Fed converge on the grass pile, while the twins and the showgirls deliver lunches and put on cone-hats. Teams are starting to return with full grass-bags, and Cathi takes another dive. "You all right?" asks Justin, offering her a helping hand up since it was his feet she just landed at. It's nice to see teams helping each other out, but a) that's just basic humanity, and b) if it had been his sister he would have stepped on her head.

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