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Kaylani and Lisa are busily planting rice. "And I'll be okay if I never have to plant rice again," Lisa says. Liz and Marie are also hard at work at it, but not complaining as much about having to spend less than an hour doing what a depressingly high percentage of the world does for their entire lives. Bill and Cathi head back with full bags, and Cathi -- you guessed it -- falls off the path again. Damn gravity.

Meanwhile, the younger teams doing that Detour option are collecting their sheep, in the face of considerable ovine protests. "Yours sounds like he smokes six packs a day," Jennifer observes to Justin. Cathi? Faceplants again. "I'm good," she says, getting up while looking like she's been mud wrestling. Meanwhile, Marcus is very worried about his and Amani's cabdriver and his apparent failure to get them where they're going. As they should be.

A full task and a drive-and-a-half away, the snowboarders are arriving at Borobudur Temple, just ahead of Laurence and Zac. Both teams tell their cabdrivers to wait, then head in through the temple's international entrance, where they're outfitted with sarongs to wear around their waists before being allowed to enter. We get plenty of shots of the temple, which is an open, pyramidal structure bristling with carvings and statues. The racers' first sight of the temple, however, is as they come around a curve and see it standing at the end of a long, long, footpath. "That's why you do the Amazing Race, for stuff like this right here," Tommy marvels. The first team to climb the steps to the top and meet the guy waiting up there, however, is Laurence and Zac, who somehow stole the lead at some point. Their host hands them a clue, and they just have time to read that it's a Road Block before Phil shows up to tell us that the temple was built in the eighth century, but was covered by dense jungle until it was rediscovered a few centuries ago. "Those who worship here are looking for enlightenment," he says. "And now Buddha will provide teams with the answers they need for their next clue." Mighty Christian of him. Walking clockwise, racers will find numerous Buddha statues, each of which features the Buddha holding his hand in a distinct position. The racers will have to demonstrate each position to the judge, and tell them how many statues represent each hand position, in order to get their next clue. Sounds easy enough, but you know how this crop likes to make things harder for themselves. Laurence figures he'd better do this one. Andy and Tommy waste seconds doing Roshambo for the Road Block again, like, they can't do this before they get their clues? Andy wins and gives it to Tommy. Both Laurence and Tommy get right to it, and Tommy suggests working together. "I'll count, you remember them," Laurence agrees. He interviews that they're a natural alliance, given that both teams come from a background of adventure. He doesn't mention their shared ability to say the word "adventure" with a straight face in reference to themselves.

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