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The showgirls and the twins arrive at the temple, both telling their cabbies to wait where they are. They make the long walk to the temple (which I'm glad to see they haven't closed to the public, as with so many other places) and the long climb to the top, so they're out of breath by the time they get their Road Block clue asking, "Who is prepared to follow the path to Buddha?" Lisa and Marie will be doing this, and we see them separately reading their copies of the clue, not that either of them understands it.

Jeremy and Sandy are in their taxi talking about not being able to make any mistakes, which of course is a major mistake right there. Right on cue, the taxi's engine light comes on and the driver says, "My car not do this." Soon the taxi breaks down and rolls to a stop, and Jeremy and Sandy, to their credit, decide to just run the remaining kilometer to the temple. Ahead of them, Team Control, the siblings, and the grandparents are already arriving, instructing their drivers to wait. Jeremy and Sandy are trying to flag down taxis as they run, like they're going to find a vacant cab on its way to the temple. The Road Block is going to Bill, Ernie, and Justin, respectively. After some crazy musical editing designed ostensibly to display the number of carvings on the temple but really just to show off some fancy editing, they all get to work. Ernie's off on the wrong foot right away, counting not just statues of Buddha in their alcoves, but the relief carvings of him on the walls, which are much more numerous and a lot less clear, what with the centuries of erosion and all. Justin's right with him, making the same mistake. Marie and Lisa are each counting just the statues, but they're not bothering to look at the hand positions, so they're doing it wrong too. Ernie goes to the judge and guesses 71. Wrong. Justin guesses 69, and the judge suppresses any juvenile thoughts he might be having as he says that's wrong. Lisa's guess: 263. Whoa. Ernie again: 87. Lisa: 200? 201? 202? 203? Wrong every time. Marie guesses 68, which is wrong. Maybe if Liz were screaming more from the sidelines Marie would be doing better. Back in the temple, Marie asks Lisa what she's getting, and Lisa, trying to preserve the count in her head without completely blowing Marie off, says she's up over 400. Yeah, it would be a shame for her to screw up now, when she's so close to the right answer.

Jeremy and Sandy have finally arrived on foot, and Sandy pants, "You have more energy than I do," so he's doing this one. Laurence and Tommy continue counting together. Jeremy asks a local if he knows how many carvings there are, and just gets a nervous laugh in response. Nervous laughs appear to rival rice in terms of the percentage of Indonesia's GDP.

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