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Meanwhile, back on the farm, Amani and Marcus finish planting their rice seedlings and head back to their taxi, describing themselves as tired, disgusting, dirty, disappointed, frustrated, angry, and tired again, but they vow not to quit. Because when is it over? Not 'til it's over, that's when.

Laurence and Tommy are finished with their count, and after verifying with each other, they head back out to the judge, agreeing to keep it quiet. Laurence guesses first, holding his hand in each position as he runs down the totals. After a long, suspense-building pause, the judge tells him, "Congratulations," and hands over the clue, which tells them to go to the next Pit Stop. Which is where? "Teams must now search the grounds for the Pit Stop," Phil simply says, and warns that the last team to check in at the mat, which is on a wide lawn somewhere behind the temple, may be eliminated. "No running, no running," Laurence reads from the clue as they leave the temple. It's Tommy's turn now. After also getting it correct, they have to go pay the cab, and as they head out to do that, Andy congratulates Tommy on nailing it, but Tommy gives the credit to Laurence. From what we saw, I would have to agree.

Amani and Marcus have arrived at the temple, and they don't bother telling their driver to wait, on account of how very much they hate him and his ass face. This will be highly relevant later. "We're already in last place, it can't get any worse," Amani interviews, which is usually one of those famous last words people utter just before it starts raining or the siren comes on behind you or you get shot in the face. In the building that serves as the international entrance, they run into the departing Tommy and Andy, and Tommy tells them the whole answer to the Road Block, hand positions and all. Andy is a little surprised, and as they walk along, Tommy explains that they have the choice to control who they want in. Which is rather overstating the case, not least because by the time Amani and Marcus have reached the top of the stairs, she's completely worn out and can't remember her own name, let alone the cryptic little display that Tommy just put on for her down in the entrance building. And she was the one who was paying attention. After opening the Road Block question, Marcus asks her if she can do it or if he should. "I need you to," she gasps, so winded she can't manage more than a whisper. Marcus doesn't argue the point. Down below, Marie guesses 127 and Jeremy 47. Marie and Lisa both reread their clues, for all the good it's doing them. Try holding them right side up, ladies.

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