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Ron/Christina and Zev/Justin arrive at the location for the "Honor the Past" task, and Justin has so abdicated his team's destiny to them that he even asks Christina if they're having their cabdriver wait. "Just say, 'duh-ut,' [or something like that]" Christina advises, getting a chuckle from Justin. Once inside, they have to change into elaborate costumes of their own for some reason, the most notable feature of which are big yellow hats with wide, circular crowns that have thick yellow fringes hanging all round from them. I think the idea of those is to add a degree of difficulty to what is, essentially, a pretty lame task. They head into the "theater" (which actually looks more like a restaurant dining room), where the "performance " begins. Don't ask me how The Amazing Race got actors to wake up this early.

Margie and Luke get out of their cab, "Looking for the Great Wall of China Building." They find it and have to put on white hardhats and green solar company windbreakers before picking up one of three long cardboard boxes, which they have to schlep up six flights of stairs on their backs. This does look much easier than shuffling dolls around.

The performance ends, but neither team seems confident in their ability to do this on the first try. "I never played with dolls," Ron says, like that's a prerequisite.

Jaime and Cara are still wandering around on foot, and go back to their cabdriver, who points them in the direction of the arches. Kent and Vyxsin fall in behind them. Jaime and Cara are in sixth place as they open the Detour clue and decide on "Embrace the Future." Kent and Vyxsin make the same choice. Back in the cab, they're still worried about the Double U-Turn. That's right, did you know there was a Double U-Turn coming? I'd almost forgotten.

The two final teams, Gary/Mallory and Jet/Cord, get the Detour clue in eighth and ninth, respectively. "We'll do the mental one," Gary says optimistically. Jet and Cord will Embrace the Future. I don't know, that sounds like it might be kind of gay.

Jen and Kisha arrive at the performance, spotting the two cabs waiting outside. Meanwhile, the two lead teams are struggling a bit. Zev and Justin get a no, and the sisters, having changed and watched an encore, are getting to work. As they unpack their figurines Jen, who clearly wants to keep everything straight in her head, says, "Don't talk, don't talk" to Kisha, who was not talking.

Margie and Luke have gotten their first two boxes to the top of the building and are heading back down for the third. That done, they start cutting them open, unpacking the tubes, and start slotting them into place. It's obvious that the challenge of this task is the carrying.

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