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The Godlewskis and Linzes arrive at the geyser in time to see everybody leaving, and the Bransens even give the pinks a steer in the right direction. The Linzes know it's not good to see two teams leaving as they're arriving. Because, of course, not only does that mean you're behind, but it means you're behind and the thing just went. The pinks and Linzes get situated at the geyser to wait, wondering when it will go off, and again, they hear that it will indeed be close to an hour and a half. But an hour and a half goes fast, and once we've listened to the Linzes talk about the race to the mat and the Godlewskis talk about how Christine will "trip someone" if necessary, it's time to see Old Faithful erupt again. Pssshhhhhh! These two teams leave in third and fourth place. In the Linz car, Nick says, "Does it say 'pit stop'?" "No," Megan tells him. "That's weird," he remarks. And then he adopts his Hans-and-Franz voice as he says, "That's very weee-ahd. Maybe some-sing is going on dat we don't know about." Indeed. Indeed.

We move to the Bransens, who are still unhappy about the Weavers having caught up with them at the geyser. The two teams are now neck and neck heading for the ranch. One of the Tonyas tells Wally that while Rolly can outrun them, they can outrun the girls, so Wally needs to go fast to Phil. For his part, Rolly tells him team that he'll "take out Wally" and then meet them at the mat. Tough talk, there, pipsqueak. The Bransens and Weavers drive into the entrance for 15200. They are hunting for Phil. The Bransens are slightly ahead. And...there's Phil, who is sitting on a fence, looking delightful. The teams bail out of their cars and start running. Phil slowly gets down from his fence. Rolly comes around the corner first, but his sisters and mother are way too slow, and the Bransens -- including Wally -- easily make it to the mat before anybody but Rolly can get there. Yay!

Phil says to the gathered teams, "Bransen family, Weaver family, you are the first and second teams to arrive. However, this leg of the race is not over. You're still racing, and I have your next clue." "How long is this leg going to go on?" someone whines. But it's not me, because the fact that this isn't the final elimination point at least leaves open the slight possibility that the Weavers could still go before the final three.

And then..."To be continued." Bleh.

Executive producer? Jerry Bruckheimer.

Next week: The Gadzookskis try to kill Christine. Someone litters. The Weavers get pulled over by the cops, possibly for never wearing their seatbelts. You'd almost think if your dad died in a car accident, you might wear your seatbelt, no?

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