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Three Strikes and You're out (And It's About Time Somebody Was)

Team Pre-Owned is still stuck after the ads, which is a very bad sign for them, because usually a commercial break is all it takes to have a breakthrough and it doesn't seem to have worked this time. Worse, Bill and Cathi are already boarding their raft. Amazingly, Cathi manages to not topple off. After Jeremy and Sandy ask for another check and get another no, Jeremy tosses the notebook and says they're screwed, making his six-year-old proud. Sandy picks it up, takes another look at their display, and realizes two of their waffles are swapped. After fixing that, they're done. "I'm glad to see you finally found it," the judge says. They're out of there at last in fourth place, after arriving in second. This is why it sucks to be Jeremy and Sandy.

Cathi has retrieved the first half of the canal clue. Bill calls up to a curious local standing up on the promenade looking down at them, "It's our first date. I'm taking her out on the canal. Cool, huh?" Okay, that's actually pretty funny. Jeremy and Sandy hump back to their car, Jeremy saying, "We were in first, we got passed by three." No, they were in second and now they're in third. This failure to grasp basic math may be another one of their problems.

Ernie and Cindy are driving out of town, following a sign that says "De Muur." "Did we just leave those waffles burning in there?" Cindy asks. Yep. She seems to feel bad about it, like the production is going to let the booth burn to the ground like the Bluths' frozen banana stand.

Andy and Tommy are stopping somewhere out of town for directions. Bill and Cathi now have their complete clue to what Cathi calls "Muir van Gardensburger." Back to their car. Marcus is running on fumes, babbling about the clue's instructions to make his way somewhere. "Well, if you're not making your way here you're making your way home," Amani warns from the back seat. Sandy has found a shortcut on the map and tells a skeptical Jeremy to take the E40. He agrees. Skeptically.

Ernie and Cindy reach De Muur Van Geraardsbergen, still in first. They grab a clue from a wooden rack and read, "Help the pigeon trainer release a flock of homing pigeons." Over a shot of a thick flock of birds taking wing, Phil narrates, "When it comes to international pigeon racing, Belgium is team number one." Is that really the first time they've used that construction on this show? That's actually fairly impressive. Phil exaggerates that each team will be "working with a pigeon trainer" to release hundreds of homing pigeons. The flock will fly to an address where the team will have to meet them, and get their next clue from the little message strapped to a birds' leg. After reading that this clue will tell them the location of the next Pit Stop, Ernie and Cindy step over to a big semi-trailer stacked high with flat bird cages. I don't know what Phil thought he meant by "working with a pigeon trainer," but they don't have to do more than watch as the trainer opens the little door to release the birds into the sky. Cindy didn't even have to touch them, like she was worried she'd have to. "Pigeons gross me out," she explains. The trainer hands them a little business card with a picture of a pigeon and the address Steenweg op Ukkel 75, Beersel. Now back to their car to find directions. If only they were also homing pigeons.

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