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Three Strikes and You're out (And It's About Time Somebody Was)

The snowboarders leave the house with no idea where to go. In the town, however, they find some kids who know all about it and where it is. "Bing bong," Tommy responds to the ringing of a church-bell.

"Right now where we're going is to meet a pigeon and that pigeon's gonna tell us where to go," Sandy drawls from the back seat of her and Jeremy's car, like that's the most normal thing in the world. They're the next to arrive at the house Andy and Tommy just left, and the dude comes out with a fresh bird. Sandy gently retrieves the clue, and Jeremy immediately recognizes the Atomium as...well, something they saw back in Brussels, even if they don't know what it is. Back they go.

Things are not going as well for Ernie and Cindy. She asks him to pull over and ask for directions at an open restaurant, but he just zooms right by. When she asks why, he snaps, "I couldn't park there because people are on my ass! Chill the hell out!" Not a lovely moment. They eventually get there, though, and are directed to take the highway. Back in the car, Cindy explains their plight: "He said that it's thirty minutes away, which is not good, because it was only 45 minutes away from the first place that we left 45 minutes ago." I'm not sure I'm following her geography, but since she says the bottom line is that they're 30 minutes out of their way and we go to the last ad break, it can't be good.

Andy and Tommy, back in Brussels, spot the Atomium first, which is not hard given that it's the height of 165 billion iron atoms. In the failing daylight, we can start to see pinpoints of light shining through the hull of each humongous electron. Phil and a greeter in a snappy Belgian park service uniform that makes her look like a dashing flight attendant meet in front of it to await the arrival of the first team, which are of course Andy and Tommy. While they celebrate coming in first for the sixth time, Phil tells them they each win a brand-new Ford Mustang. Will the coincidences ever end? Andy tells Tommy in the post-leg interviews, "I've gotten over it. You can rub it in all you want."

Bill and Cathi have stopped in town somewhere for directions, which is not good at all, given that they're the only team who has yet to even find the pigeons. A dude with a handlebar mustache gives them wordy, confusing directions that are probably less helpful than none at all. But Amani and Marcus are also lost, on the doorstep of some suburbanites who tell them that they're not in Beersel, but Linkebeek. Oh, if I had a nickel for every time that happened to me.

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