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Three Strikes and You're out (And It's About Time Somebody Was)

After the ads, Ernie has to watch Jeremy go for it. He does a better job than Ernie's first attempt, making it into the box in 15.1 seconds, but bumping the car-balloon at the end. Apparently having someone on his ass is what it takes Ernie to pull his head out of it, because he does it right the next time. Now all that's left to do is a couple of doughnuts on the pavement, revving the engine while spinning around and sending up clouds of white smoke. "Complete. Well done," Ernie's instructor lies. Right behind him, Jeremy also gets a thumbs-up, only on his second try, completing the course in 13.7 seconds. I also think Jeremy's instructor has a little crush on him. Either that or the tire-smoke blowing into the open windows from Jeremy's doughnuts is making him lightheaded.

Ernie's instructor drives him back to the waiting area and looks glad to be quit of him. Cindy relieves Ernie of his helmet and they open the next clue, which is sending them to the city of Gent (which I thought was spelled "Ghent," but I guess the clue writers are running low on H's after all these weeks in northern Europe), specifically the Hoofdbrug, a bridge over a canal next to a medieval castle. Jeremy and Sandy are right behind them. Back in their respective normal cars, Ernie says he was in fear for his life, while Jeremy says he never felt power like that before. Plug the product all you want, Jeremy, it doesn't help you in the race.

Amani and Marcus are finally at the Proving Ground in third place, and Marcus takes this one. Andy and Tommy roll up just as Marcus is getting into his jumpsuit. "What are you doing here, you little bodybuilder?" Tommy asks as he runs up to the clues, which I guess is Christian for "how did we catch up to you, loser?" He's taking this one, which Andy doesn't seem thrilled about. Marcus strides over to a black Mustang, boasting, "It's about to go down like four flat tires!" Amani looks a little nervous about this task, or maybe about her husband's poor choice of simile. While Tommy gets ready, Andy admits that he's pretty jealous that Tommy gets to do this one, what with Andy's passion for driving and all. "Probably more than snowboarding," Andy adds. Wow, that's a lot of passion. But they figured Tommy should do this one because of how much he sucked at the poem task last week, so they're saving the "mind ones" for Andy. So this is Tommy's reward for being dumb? Actually, it's not even that, it's Tommy's reward for not being enough of a ham the first time around. No wonder Andy's pissed.

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