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Three Strikes and You're out (And It's About Time Somebody Was)

Bill has been returned to the waiting area to reunite with Cathi and open their next clue. "Rip it off, let's go," Cathi tells him, probably not for the first time. They have been together almost fifty years, after all. In Gent, newly minted super-driver Marcus parks their car half on the curb, calls the clue-barrel on the bridge a "box," and decides they'll do Waffles. Andy and Tommy see them running off in that direction when they pull up, and the snowboarders are deciding to do the water task. "We love water, we love building," Tommy reasons. Well, who doesn't love those things? Dehydrated people who live outside, that's who.

At the waffle stands, Cindy comments on the mess Ernie's making (Mmmm, waffle drippings), to which Ernie responds that his mess matches the chef's. Team Pre-Owned's batter is too thick, so Sandy adds water. In a post-leg interview, Jeremy admits his embarrassment at never having done waffles before. "I'm more of a pancake maker myself," he explains. Sandy tells him to chill out and enjoy the experience. Yeah, that seems likely. Amani and Marcus show up, take one look at the stands and the difficulties the other two teams are having, and decide to switch to the raft task instead. At least they switched efficiently, with no waffling. What, was I supposed to not say that? Come on. They still arrive at the alley where the raft materials are waiting before the snowboarders do. The materials don't come with instructions, either. "Where's Laurence when you need him?" Marcus wonders, as if Laurence's raft wouldn't go straight to the bottom.

Air is loudly escaping from the waffle currently in Ernie and Cindy's iron. "We'll call that waffle Ernie. He farts," Cindy explains. Get a load of the Bickersons! They're kidding each other, obvi.

The snowboarders have lashed together a rough construction whose seaworthiness they feel ready to test, but Marcus, still working on his with Amani, teases, "You guys are gonna get creamed! Y'all going in, brother!" He mocks them their whole way down to the water, where they launch the narrow raft and climb on. Fortunately they have the balance of snowboarders and are able to get on it without tipping over. They use proper paddles to navigate up the waterway, and soon see a nearby life-ring on a hook with Ziploc bags hanging from it. They row right over to grab one, loving every minute of this. It's almost like a floating Mustang, Andy!

Ernie and Cindy, meanwhile, have finished assembling their waffle display and go to get the judge, who isn't the actual chef but a young blond kid in a black chef's jacket who tells them they don't have it quite right. Ernie and Tommy, meanwhile, have already retrieved the second half of their clue, in full view of the waffle stands. Ernie and Cindy spot a fallen strawberry in their display, and after getting it back in place, they dork out while the judge slowly and suspensefully withdraws a clue from inside his jacket. Cindy happily hugs him, and we cut to Ernie attempting to read from the clue, "Drive yourself to Dee More Van..." The Amazing Editors just give up on him as Phil tells us, over shots of beautiful pastoral Belgian countryside, that they'll now be going to De Muur Van Geraardsbergen, pronouncing the name of the place in a way that would make Hercule Poirot ask Phil to dial it back a little.

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