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Run It Up the Pole and See Who Salutes

Back down there in the tunnels, Jaymes is confident in only two of his mushroom varieties, but when he gets to the shop, the guy tells him, "Perfect," so the Chippendales have their clue in second place. After getting back to their car, James uses the foot switch to open the back so they can put their backpacks inside. "Make sure you show that to your mom when we win this thing," Jaymes says. Oh, I'm sure she's seen it by now. She's had plenty of opportunities.

But the Chippendales' winning the care is probably not going to happen, because Trey & Lexi are already at a castle. But then maybe it will, because when they ask a guide if they're at the Castle of the Ladies, she tells them no. Huh. In fact, she says they're a fifteen-minute drive from Chateau Chenonceau, straight ahead. "Wrong castle, damn," Trey says as they're pulling back out. They do seem rather thick on the ground here in the Loire Valley.

Jaymes & James go into town to get their directions to the right castle and get on their way. "Aw, now we racing, look out," Jaymes says. Good, it'll be interesting to see what that looks like.

The twins are the next team to show up at the mushroom caves, ahead of the directionally-challenged goat farmers. But then they run right down into them without seeing the clue, or even the shop where the clues are waiting, as far as I can tell. "Keep running, there could be a clue inside here!" one of them yells, which means they may well just keep running into the bowels of the earth until they meet Satan. And thus their lead proves very short-lived as Brent & Josh arrive, head into the shop, and get their clue. Brent takes it. Meanwhile, the twins run back out. "Just follow them," one of them says when they spot Brent, already carrying his baskets from the car back into the shop. There's some coattails for you. The twins do the same thing before they're technically supposed to know that they'll need to, and while Brent heads down into the catacombs, Natalie takes on the Roadblock. "You know where to go, Natalie! Beat his ass!" Nadiya hollers after her. That's not something a person wants to hear when running down into a dark tunnel.

There's some quick cutting back and forth between the Chippendales and Team Austin as they find Chateau Chenonceau, park, spot each other, and run down the path to the mat. There's no way to tell who's in the lead, until Jaymes & James run through the trees to where Phil's standing next to a woman dressed up like Marie Antoinette. "Bonjour (Hello)," she says. The Chippendales appear rather smitten by her, and maybe a bit abashed at being so out of breath in front of her. Phil tells them, "After eleven legs of the race, I am pleased to tell you that you are team number one, and you are one of the three teams that will be racing..." well, for something, anyway, because Jaymes & James's whoops totally drown him out. And sure enough, they've each won a Ford Escape. James is thrilled to have won his mom a car. And I'm sure Ford is thrilled to have invested in this episode to the point of giving away two cars, only to see one of the recipients so eager to give his to someone else.

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