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Run It Up the Pole and See Who Salutes

Trey & Lexi are team number two, and also in the final three. Their reaction is rather more subdued. "Hopefully we don't do anything too crazy losing friends over this last leg," Trey says. "But you never know, there's a million dollars at stake and we all want it bad." I think it would be crazier to lose the last leg over friends, but that's just me.

Brent is hunting the tunnels, not knowing what he's looking for and getting, by his own admission, rather frantic. Natalie's literally right behind him. Nadiya's outside complaining about how they got beat again. But Natalie is the first to emerge into daylight, and Brent is stuck down there looking for the exit, with lights going off on him all the time as well. Natalie gets back to the shop and lets the dude examine the results of her search, and when he says it's good, she comes around the counter to hug him as she gets her clue. Josh watches them get in their car while resolving to ask the first person they see for directions, and says, "If he comes out soon, it's just going to come down to a race between us and the twins to get to the next Pit Stop." But that's an increasingly big if. "I hope they're going the wrong way," he adds as they drive off with a whoop.

There's a replay of those moments after the ads, and Josh adds, "If he doesn't come out soon, it's going to be a really short drive back to the Pit Stop." Yes, with Phil at the wheel. Brent does come out, asking if they're the last team. "Yes," Josh says. But at least his mushrooms are right, so he gets his clue, currently in last place. Running to their car, he asks Josh how long ago the twins left. "Ten minutes, maybe," Josh says. So it's totally over for them at last, right?

The twins are en route, they hope, Natalie (I can tell it's her because she's still sweaty from the Roadblock) all excited about having beaten the goat farmers but Nadiya worried they're going the wrong way. The goat farmers pull over to get directions from an older couple hanging out on a street corner who helpfully point out Chateau Chenonceau on the map. Back on the road, Brent says the twins left first. "Unless they all of a sudden start having navigation issues, there's no way we're going to beat them." Josh points out that's happened before. "But not today. They're on a hot streak," Brent downers. In fact, they're currently getting some directions from another motorist on the road, and then getting back to driving and bickering. The goat farmers encounter a road closing in a town, so it looks like they have a real detour rather than the kind we usually see on this show. Not that Josh is following the detour signs, preferring to go in what he thinks is the right direction. That should work out well.

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