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Run It Up the Pole and See Who Salutes

The twins ask yet another driver for directions and find out they're going the wrong way. "Oh my God, Natalie, the gays might beat us now," Nadiya says from the back seat. But "the gays" don't seem to know that, as they've come to another road closing that allows Brent to say I told you so to Josh about the detour, almost literally, as they have to turn around. Now the twins are facing the detour, but soon they see signs for the Chateau. But then so do the Beekmans. So now it's just a matter of some suspenseful cutting back and forth and some non-specific footage of the last approach to the mat. And finally, Phil begins gravely, "Josh & are team number three! And you are one of the three teams that will be racing to the Finish Line for one million dollars." Brent hugs Josh as the latter interviews, "We're certainly gaining momentum and confidence at the point where we need it most. And more and more I believe we can win this race." "It's up here," Brent says, pointing to his head. "Not here," he adds, pointing somewhere off-screen, I assume to his arm. At the mat, he says, "Off with their heads, Phil, right?" Kind of a rude thing to say in front of Marie Antoinette, who somehow doesn't say, "I'm standing right here."

Here come the twins at last, and they're in for some bad news. They patiently go through the pleasantries with Marie Antoinette before Phil tells them they're the last team to arrive. "And you've both been eliminated from the race." They sigh sadly and talk about having gone the opposite direction. One of them interviews, "Even though we made it so far, there's a million dollars on the line, and you know, we completely blew it." On the mat, Natalie says, "the Beekmans have tricks up their sleeve." They've learned from the experience that "we need to harness the potential we have into a more positive reaction instead of only crazy." They really were all over the place. Still, they say they had a lot of fun on the race, which cues a montage of their greatest moments. Naturally that includes a lot of cheering each other and hugging strangers. "Now we're going back to our lives and we have each other and that's more important at the end of the day." Who are these people? Well, then one of them adds, "Whatever, but we suck, so it's fine." Okay, those are the twins I know. Marie Antoinette wishes them "Au revoir (Goodbye)" and they're done. Did not see that coming, but then they were always inconsistent. One week they'd be doing great and the next? Only crazy.

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