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In the taxi, the Chippendales suddenly remember that whether the third team is the twins or the Beekmans, "They're both from New York." Well, someone always is. "We gotta make sure that we're on top of our game, because we got some locals we're playing against today," Jaymes says.

The goat farmers are indeed happy to be heading home to New York, even if it is 3:06 AM when their leg starts. Josh reminds us in an interview that he's been working in the city for the last five years while Josh has been on the farm full-time, and the million dollars would help them pay off the farm mortgage so they can be together again. "But also it would mean that we accomplished one of the biggest challenges that we've ever set out in our lives." Which, he says, is saying something. In the taxi, Josh says they have home advantage, but Brent warns him not to count his million dollars yet. Let up, Brent, I think this is the first time Josh has allowed himself to visualize winning.

At the airport, the Chippendales and Team Austin sit in suspense waiting to find out who the third team is. They act happy to see that it's Josh & Brent, and there are hugs all around. Liars.

In the morning, everyone gets on an American Airlines flight. The Chippendales have ditched their backpacks permanently, and I think the other teams probably have as well. "Somebody's going to end up with some nice, stinky Chippendale clothes," says Jaymes, who for once looks like he couldn't bring himself to throw away his razor unused after all. James adds that they've also jettisoned their alliances. "There's going to be no more sharing of information." I'll believe it when I see it. They take their seats on the plane, traveling as light as if they're on a city bus. Lexi and Trey make similar comments. "There's no friends in that last leg," Trey repeats. "When we're racing, we're gonna do whatever we have to to win." Josh also repeats that they haven't won any legs, so this is going to have to be their first and only one. "There is no second or third place." Sure there is; there just isn't a prize for them.

The plane takes off, and an old-school Amazing Red Line cuts across the Atlantic from Paris to New York, whose b-roll includes the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and Times Square, all of which make me wish I knew what I was looking at in the b-roll of the other cities that this show visits. Soon everyone's running through what I assume is JFK (it's hard to tell with all the fast cuts and how I haven't been through JFK in a very long time) and jumping into taxis to get to Coney Island. The Chippendales manage it first, then Team Austin, then the goat farmers. And they're all super, super excited, as befits the arrival in the host city for the final leg, when we all know that by the end of the hour, the mood for two teams will be replaced by bitter disappointment. "If all else goes wrong, we'll just take the cab right home," Josh cracks. "Does a million dollars fit in the trunk?"

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