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Run It Up the Pole and See Who Salutes

When the Chippendales arrive, Jaymes is so excited to read the description of the Roadblock that of course he takes it. Trey is lifted up, dangling from a scaffolding platform that has a guy positioned on top of it, so that should tell him there's a little more to this than a simple escape. Otherwise they'd just loop the crane's hook through the bonds around his ankles and call it good. Lexi is still calling encouragement to him, saying, "You get to see New York in a way no one else has, babe!" Once he's in position and a horn sounds to let him know it's time to start, Trey says he's also seen it done, so he knew he had to get his arms over his head. This he starts struggling to do just that. Which he does, although in the process he loses the ever-present bandanna around his head, which presumably plummets to its death. Eventually he gets the ends of the sleeves loose, so now he has to fumble with the buckles in back, although he's worried that he's going to undo his harness by accident. I suspect there are probably safeguards in place for that, Trey. Eventually he gets the whole thing up off over his head and drops it, and no sooner has he done that than he begins following his bandanna toward the ground at high speed. Lexi screams even more than he does. "I'm still very scared!" Trey says as he realizes he's still attached to the crane by a bungee and he begins bouncing up and down. Presumably this part will be less of a surprise for Brent and Jaymes. Trey interviews that it helped him get over a fear. "Hopefully, I won't ever do it again." He runs to meet Lexi again as Brent is raised into the air, chuckling nervously. He looks oddly natural in a straitjacket, I have to say. "Let's go, Hercules!" Lexi says as she and Trey reunite and read the next clue, which says, "Make your way to the first pizzeria in New York." That would appear to be Lombardi's, with a Mona Lisa knock-off painting outside. "Oh my gosh, I hope I don't have to eat pizza," Lexi says, like this is TAR6 or something.

Brent is at the full height, and Josh coaches him to get his hands free. Good advice, that. "I'm trusting y'all with my life," Jaymes says from inside his straitjacket. "I got loved ones."

Team Austin's cab driver doesn't know the name of the first pizzeria in New York, but he's got a cell phone they can look it up on, so they soon know they need to get to Lombardi's and they're on their way.

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